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Top 9 React Component Libraries for 2022


 Top 9 React Component Libraries for 2022

Since debuting in 2013, Meta’s ReactJS JavaScript library has continued to grow. This popularity is partly due to the number of React component libraries developers can use. These libraries make it easy for developers to create fantastic UIs for mobile, desktop, web, and hybrid applications.

React is a JavaScript library that powers 10 million websites' user interfaces. React has a rigorous core, a reason why many component libraries add extra design components to help with your React applications or web/mobile development projects.

Top 9 React component libraries for 2022
Top 9 React component libraries for 2022

What is a React Component Library?

React component libraries are collections of pre-built React components that you can use in your applications. ReactJS development services are becoming increasingly popular because more and more packages that help with different aspects of development with React are being created.

Before diving into React UI component libraries, let's take a look at a few of its benefits:

- Getting started with a React project is more effortless. Components can be quickly added to your project by installing them from the NPM or Yarn package managers.

- You don't have to build everything yourself, which means less code and more consistency in design patterns across projects. This also leads to faster development because you're not writing all the code yourself.

- You can get better support since libraries are often well documented, with examples that are easy to follow.

- Components come in variations ranging from basic buttons, cards, and icons to complex forms and menus for more advanced users who want even more customization options!

Top 9 React Component Libraries for 2022
Top 9 React Component Libraries for 2022

Top React Component Libraries for 2022

Ant Design

Ant Design is a design language for web applications that use high-quality components written in Typescript. It provides an excellent development experience and supports browser rendering, server-side rendering (SSR), static site generation (SSG), mobile terminal app rendering, WeChat Mini Program rendering, Electron rendering, and more.

It includes a set of high-quality React components right out of the box, and it's written in Typescripts with predictable, static types. This provides a design language for web applications that is enterprise-class. It also comes with a set of high-quality React components to help you start your project more quickly than ever before.


One of the most used React component libraries, Material-UI, is based on Google's Material Design language. It provides a comprehensive set of react components that cover most UI needs for your projects. All components are built to be style-able and customizable to create a look and feel that matches your unique brand and style.

It is one of the most used React components for faster and simpler web development. You can style all components to have a look that matches your brand or specific project requirements. The library has a comprehensive set of components covering most UI needs for your web development projects.

React Bootstrap

Twitter's popular Bootstrap front-end framework is also available as a React component library. This gives you access to all the familiar components and styles you're used to, as well as the responsive grid system that Bootstrap is known for. You can use it in conjunction with React or standalone, and it's a great choice if you want to use Bootstrap in your projects.

If you are familiar with Twitter's Bootstrap front-end framework, then this React component library might be perfect for you. It provides all of the standard components and styles that you're used to and the responsive grid system that Bootstrap is known for. You can use React Bootstrap in conjunction with React or standalone.


Grommet is a library of UI components built for React that follows the principles of accessibility, internationalization, and responsiveness. It includes everything from buttons and icons to complex forms and menus. Each component is designed with performance in mind so you can create high-quality user experiences without sacrificing speed or usability.

Grommet focuses on providing a lot of different layout components that you won't find in other UI kits. It also has a lot of design templates, patterns, and sticker sheets to help you get started.

React Redux

React Redux is well-known for being predictable. You just need to tell React which values you want from your components. The interface will automatically extract and update them. As a result, it's a simple interface that allows you to evaluate your code in various scenarios and compare the outcomes accurately.

React Redux is a tool that helps you debug your apps. It has tools that help you log and report changes to your app's state and send error reports. These functions make React Redux a must-have tool for debugging your apps.

React Router

If you want to use a router with another interface, consider using React Router. This technology ensures that all your application components have corresponding URLs, which provides a better experience for your users.

React Router can help you save time by making your application faster. Usually, an application needs four layers of layouts with different hierarchies. But because React Router automatically updates your layouts when the URL changes, you will need to write down fewer routes.

React Router can automatically choose the best routes for your application. It looks at many different options and ranks them, so you don't have to spend hours picking the best routes.

Blueprint UI

The blueprint UI was designed for desktop applications. Moreover, it offers a complex user interface that can be used to create data-heavy web interfaces with multiple components and modules.

Blueprint UI is a popular React component library. It contains many useful pre-built components that developers can use to build applications fast and more efficiently.

Chakra UI

Chakra UI is a toolkit that makes it easy to build accessible React applications. It offers a simple API with built-in themes, accessibility, and composability. You can use buttons and inputs in your app without worrying about their design. They will automatically be styled according to the theme you are using.

Chakra UI is a great choice for teams that need to build accessible React applications quickly. It offers an easy-to-use API. You can also use it with or without React.


Rebass is a React UI kit with over 100 components for building websites. You can use it to build responsive layouts quickly and easily because its components are designed with mobile-first principles in mind. This means they will automatically adapt to any screen size.

Rebass is a popular UI kit with a wide range of components for React developers. It's perfect for quickly building responsive websites and applications.

Final Notes

React component libraries can be a great way to speed up your development process. They come with pre-built components that are easy and quick to use, which means you'll spend less time writing code. We examined some of the most popular React component libraries in this article. Hire ReactJS developer today and get started on your project right away! We hope it will help you choose the right library for your next project.


React frontend technologies, and component libraries assist React developers in working more quickly while focusing on critical activities such as delivering a consistent user experience with their online applications. To help you save time while creating scalable and secure web solutions, we've compiled a list of the top React component libraries for your consideration.

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