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5 Essential Must-Knows for Budding Website Developers


 5 Essential Must-Knows for Budding Website Developers

5 Essential Must-Knows for Budding Website Developers

 5 Essential Must-Knows for Budding Website Developers

Web developers build websites for companies and organizations and make them accessible on the internet. There are different stages in web development, starting from the conception of the design to the testing and publishing of the site to go live. If you are an aspiring web developer, you must learn several things to be good in this craft. We listed some of the must-know information for newbies in this field.

Make design attractive yet clean

The design of the website is a fundamental part of web development. It's the first thing that users will see when they land on the site, which will also determine their first impression. If they like what they see, it will entice them to check more on its content. However, as much as you want it to be attractive, it's also vital to keep your website clean since too much design could make it look overly busy and an eyesore. Find the right balance to make the site striking yet neat.

Ensure easy navigation

Create a positive user experience by making the site easy to navigate and convenient for users to find what they are looking for. For example, add tabs, such as services, contact us page, and gallery, then provide relevant content on these pages. You may also add a search feature so visitors can quickly find what they need. If users have trouble navigating the site, they may leave and never return again.

Make it accessible

Keep all users in mind when developing a website, including people with disabilities, such as those who have hearing or visual problems. You may code the site to have features dedicated for these users or employ helpful apps to make the website accessible to them. These apps are easy to install, and they will let users adjust the site's settings based on their specific needs.

For instance, people who have vision impairment may enable keyboard navigation or change the screen contrast. Making the site accessible widens the site's reach as it offers inclusion to users with disabilities. Plus, it also ensures ADA website compliance, which requires sites to allow convenient access for people with disabilities. Failure to comply with ADA requirements may result in lawsuits, which thousands of companies who were non-compliant already faced. You may be forced to pay stiff fines if proven guilty, and worse, it can tarnish your brand. 

Ensure it's fast to load

The site's speed is another vital factor because a slow-loading website could increase its bounce rate. Visitors will leave if it doesn't load fast. Some tips on making the site run fast are optimizing images and videos, ensuring they are low in size but still excellent in quality.

Consider SEO

SEO or search engine optimization makes the site searchable on the web. Use titles, tags, and descriptions on the pages, images, and contents, to increase search engine results ranking. Look for the best keywords to incorporate into these descriptions.

When creating websites, keep these things in mind to ensure you have the essential ingredients to build successful pages.

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