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What technologies should a modern resume proofreader use


What technologies should a modern resume proofreader use

What technologies should a modern resume proofreader use
 What technologies should a modern resume proofreader use

A well-designed and attractive cv increases your chances of getting a job or at least an invitation for a job interview. Many job seekers simply download ready-made resume templates an online company provides and fill in the blank fields, which can make them all look alike and normal. Statistics show that it doesn't take more than 5 seconds for a hiring manager or person in charge of human resources to review a resume. This means that your chances of success and your choice among thousands of others largely depend on the design and format of your resume.

What you should know about a resume proofreader


Resume/cv proofreading is a challenge for every job seeker, which is why professional https://resumeperk.com/resume-proofreading services exist. Such an online company or writing agency can polish any resume with the help of a proofreader. Its proofreaders are good at proofreading making any resume looking just the way it should be in order to get a job.


The following tools are going to make any resume look attractive for a potential employer.


Google Docs


Google Docs has a lot of very interesting CV templates looking clean and modern. Pick from hundreds of ready-to-download and editable CV templates in Google Docs. You can preview the template before customizing it. Such services will definitely save you a lot of time and effort when creating your resume. All you need to do is to provide your personal information in every section and voila! Your new CV is ready to use. If you are at least a little bit familiar with the design of the document, Google makes it to where it is easy to change fonts, colors, and spacing. Moreover, any other part of a resume to make it as yours as possible, versioning is supported by Google Docs, so enjoy exploring the settings, and offers extensive export options.




It has a lot of strengths that are worth paying for. The biggest is the variety of cover letters and resume templates that are incredibly colorful, modern and unique compared to others. Combine this with how Kickresume tailors are relaunching in certain industries and you have a resume that stands out from the crowd. It has an interactive resume builder, lots of samples you can look up for reference, text editing tools, grammar checking tools, and can even turn your resume into a website with just one click.




The other website is a tool on the web that also allows you to create a unique resume and the beauty of this service is that it allows you to pull data from your linkedin account to create an attractive resume. You can also use graphics and visuals to describe your professional skills. Of course, you can customize your data to your liking, as well as export it as "PDF" or other formats supported by the site.




Another online service that allows you to do proofreading and create your resume. You can import data from your LinkedIn profile and customize it however you like. You can edit different sections and create different versions of your resume. The unique feature of this service is that it allows you to add multimedia to your resume.


            The creators of this resource decided to make a small resume revolution. The number of all important information is the designer's ideology.

The online version is being used again: your resume will even be animated, so you will delight the recruiter with information about education and experience that pops up. There is a free account - they promise that it will be forever free - standard and premium.

One standard template, but several color schemes. You will be offered to tell your story, which the service will present beautifully and stylishly. Why not?


You really should use this proofreading service if you need a simple resume. Even minimalistic. There is only one template here, but there are useful tips for filling out the form. The service is completely free.


This proofreaders resource offers you three resume templates to choose from: modern, creative and classic. Again for those who prefer a minimum of detail and the inclusion of only important information. Responsive design of your resume will allow HR to view it on any device without loss of quality and effectiveness. You can also track statistics.

The subscription price is $10 per year. You will pay for the ease of use and versatility of your CV.


Builder for Creative Candidates: The templates are sure to impress the recruiter, as are the color schemes suggested by the resource for your CV.

You can watch how the columns are filled - editing on the service is done wisely. You can also check your resume for errors here. But, unfortunately, the service is partially paid - you will have to pay about $ 10 for an original, but too unusual template.


Slightly less modern constructor than the rest in our selection. However, it will provide you with many tools for editing your resume: font, size, alignment. Within the framework of the selected template - all of them in both the free and premium versions are quite simple and do not claim to be creative - you can change what you consider important. Can connect with LinkedIn.

In the paid version, it is also possible to create a cover letter.


The agency stands out among others with important tips that are simply necessary for those who write a resume for the first time or have little experience. By the way, the constructor was created just for students and young professionals.

More than 20 free templates with different color schemes are available. A handy proofreader and resume maker resource for those who want to make an aesthetic resume, showing their strengths, so that even a little experience seems enough.

Resumeperk.com is a website, which is ready to help with any kind of resume, polish it the best way possible whatever your occupation is and you won't have to worry about anything concerning your cv because it is going to be created by professionals.






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