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How to Make a Top Mobile Application that Make Money Online In 2022


How to Make a Top Mobile Application that Makes Money Online In 2022

How to Make a Top Mobile Application that Make Money Online In 2022
How to Make a Top Mobile Application that Make Money Online In 2022

How to make money from mobile applications in 2022? This question is most frequently asked by entrepreneurs and businessmen who are willing to develop an application that can help them generate money online.

There are millions of free and paid applications available on the app stores. Free applications always outnumber paid applications when it comes to revenue and the number of downloads. The mobile application market is worth billions of dollars, and the amount is ever increasing.

If you are determined to develop an application that can help you generate money, then we are going to help you. Here in this article, we will be discussing how you can make an application that makes online money in 2022. 

Here we will point out the most important app monetization strategies that you can implement in your mobile application.

Most popular revenue models for your mobile application

1. Advertising:

Advertisement is probably the most common way of generating money from mobile applications. And, it is also the easiest revenue model to implement. According to the latest report published by Statista, Mobile advertising spending is going to cross 280 billion dollars in 2022.

When you are wandering around to find ways on how to make money from your mobile application, this revenue model of advertising should be your first thought.

This money mostly comes from third-party applications. As an application owner, all you need to do is to display commercials inside your mobile application and you will receive payments from those third-party ad networks. This way you can use ads to monetize your mobile application. You will get paid every time your user sees the advertisement, clicks on the ads, and visits the advertised website or application. You can easily run ad campaigns and generate ad revenue.

There are four types of display ads that app owners display on their applications for monetization.

1.      Interstitial ads: 

In this type of advertisement, a full-screen ad pops up on the display of a user for a specific period like 5 seconds. Users get to close the ad after that specific period by clicking on the cancel button.

2.      Banner ads: 

These ads are displayed on the mobile screen as a banner in different sizes. These ads are usually less obstructive that let the users freely focus on the application.

3.      Video ads: 

These ads are quite similar to interstitial ads but they come in video formats. Users can close the advertisement after the video ends.

4.      Native ads: 

Native ads appear as a natural element inside your application. It is mostly used by third-party ad networks to promote an application or product. The conversion rates of these types of applications are pretty low as compared to other advertising methods.

Advertisement has become a very popular revenue source for applications and you must try this method in 2022.

Some of the cons of implementing this monetization method are that

     This method is primarily beneficial for applications that have a large number of users.

     If you post irrelevant ads or apps that are from a totally different context of your application, then it will not generate much revenue. Instead, it will negatively impact your users.

     Users often ignore non-appealing or irrelevant advertisements.

     These ads can cause interruption for your users and ultimately affect your user experience.

2. Subscriptions: 

Another monetization strategy to earn money from your application is by subscriptions. It is one of the finest strategies, and very popular among top brands like Netflix, Amazon prime video, etc.

Here you can offer some free content on your application to your users for a certain amount of time and then charge them a subscription that will allow them to access all the contents of your application.

Many applications come with both free and paid versions. In the paid version, they offer various features that are not available for the free version. This revenue strategy is mostly used for online video streaming, cloud services, online news services, etc.

Here you need to make sure that your application offers some quality services to your users for which they will be willing to pay.

This monetization method also has some cons that I want to discuss. 

They are

     As an application owner, you need to continuously upgrade and innovate the features and content of your application for your application users.

     Charging a one-time fee for your application can cause a serious backlash.

     Sometimes you may need to extend your free trial period.

     This model is difficult for small businesses and entrepreneurs as they can rarely provide enough value to ask their users for monthly payments.

3. Selling products:

Another way you can generate revenue is to sell products or merchandise through your free application. This method is obtained by most e-commerce applications where they let their users freely use their free applications to purchase physical products from their online stores. For this, all you need to do is to Click Here & Visit Top hybrid mobile application development company and develop an eCommerce application for online business.

You can sell common products like t-shirts, mobile cases, backpacks, etc through your application. Take Amazon for example. It lets its users freely use the application to order products from the platform. It also comes with a subscription feature where it multiple additional benefits to the users including faster delivery. This is a great way to earn revenue from your mobile application in 2022.

One drawback of this method is, it requires a lot of investment of time and money to develop a mobile-friendly eCommerce application that your users love to use.

4. Sponsorship: 

Sponsor is a less commonly used revenue method, but it is a very interesting one. In this app monetization strategy, the application owner launches it for a target audience on the behalf of a second company.

Here in this method, the application owner needs to find sponsors whose target audience matches the one being addressed by the application. Make a list of brands and organizations that can benefit from the partnership.

In this monetization method, the brands get to outstand their presence. Some of the drawbacks of this monetization method is that

     Your application must have a strong brand behind it to avail of this method of earning. Otherwise, it is very difficult to have sponsor brands.

     Working with the wrong sponsor company may affect your application’s ROI.

5.  Collecting and selling data: 

In case you don’t know, applications use a lot of data of the users to get insights into user behavior or other application usages. Many researchers present in multiple fields desire the behavioral data of the users and can pay handsome amounts to the apps for providing it.

There are two ways an application can benefit from this method. First, they can collect the user data and sell it to outside companies or researchers. And second, they can use the raw data for their own benefit. The data usually contains mobile numbers, email addresses, social media accounts, personal preferences, etc.

Their party companies pay a lot for this data that they can use to effectively run their marketing campaigns. This method is a very easy and effective way to earn money through your application. If you have a question regarding developing an application that efficiently collects user data.

A few cons of this method are

     You need to disclose your customers' private information to the buyer company and sometimes it is unethical.

     It is very difficult to maintain accountability with your customers.

6. Referral marketing: 

Referral marketing is a very effective way to generate passive income from your mobile application. This method involves the promotion of products or services of a third-party business.

This is one type of affiliate marketing where the application owner promotes other brands and generates cash depending upon the number of clicks or installs that brands get from the promotion.

In this method, app owners can promote products or services, and other applications as well. They can promote them with pop-up ads or in-app advertisements.

Here we are discussing some of the referral marketing models.

     Cost per click: This revenue model counts the number of clicks on the advertisements. Your payment amount will be equivalent to the number of users who click on the a\dvertisements. There are popular networks like Adfonic or Google’s AdMob available for this revenue model. They enable text and display advertisements that you can use in your application and earn money.

     Cost per view: This model generates money for the app owner based on the ad interactions or ad video views. Many brands pay a lot of money to app owners based on how many views they have managed to gather for the advertising brand.

     Cost per Install: Cost per install is a new marketing mechanism where an advertising company pays you for each installment of the advertising application from your app. The more users install the application, the more revenue you will generate.


You can promote popular products or applications for maximum utilization of this method.

7. Transaction fees: 

Charging transaction fees is also an effective way to earn money from your mobile application. This method is beneficial for those applications where digital transactions happen regularly.

For example, if your application incorporates an option where third-party sellers can sell their products and purchasers make their payment online, then you can charge a very little portion of the payment amount as a transaction fee. This is a very easy way to earn money from your application without much investment.

The main drawback of this method is that it is not compatible with any other monetization methods.

8. Crowdfunding: 

Crowdfunding applications are quite new in the market and you can generate earnings from these applications. In crowdfunding applications, many startups and small businesses share their ideas to look for donations and promotion of their businesses.

There is another type of crowdfunding application where economically weak families ask for donations for the treatment of their loved ones as they are unable to do so. Popular crowdfunding applications like Milaap or Ketto allow the users to share the estimated cost and valid documentation of the treatment. These applications also include a payment gateway system where people can donate money through the payment option they prefer.

You can charge a small fraction of the collected amount as your fees. A few drawbacks of developing a crowdfunding application for generating revenue are

     It takes too much time to run crowdfunding campaigns.

     There is no guarantee of generating funds as it depends on the moods of people and investors.

9. Affiliate links:  

You can generate a healthy amount of money from your application through affiliate links. This is one type of sponsorship. You can negotiate with a few brands or organizations and place their affiliate links inside your application. When your users visit their websites or applications through the affiliate links you provided and purchase anything, a little portion of the purchase amount brands will share with you. This way both you and the associated brand will be benefitted

These are some of the very popular ways you can generate money from your application in 2022. As an entrepreneur.


According to the current market trends, mobile applications are most likely to generate higher revenues in the upcoming years. I have mentioned some of the most popular methods of making money with your applications. I have also mentioned their drawbacks.

You need to choose the method that suits your business model and try to minimize the drawbacks of the respective method. The total cost of developing an application is around $14,850.

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