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Tips And Tricks To Easily Integrate Instagram Into Your WordPress Site


 Tips And Tricks To Easily Integrate Instagram Into Your WordPress Site


Tips And Tricks To Easily Integrate Instagram Into Your WordPress Site
 Tips And Tricks To Easily Integrate Instagram Into Your WordPress Site

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media apps around, with over
500 million active daily users. This means it’s a potential goldmine that shouldn’t be left untapped when marketing your business using social media.


A great way to achieve this is to integrate Instagram into your WordPress site. Among other advantages, this trick can help increase brand awareness, foster positive relationships with your followers, spread awareness of your products or services, and encourage people to share your content.


Read on for easy ways to integrate Instagram into your WordPress site.


Manually Embed Content


The first method is to embed the photos into your WordPress posts by hand. This is very straightforward: you just have to paste the URL of the content on its own line.


This method is perfect if you are happy with the default size of the image and you don’t have many images to upload. If, however, you have a whole library of images to upload, this method can quickly become a time sink.


If This, Then That


Another option is to use a free service, such as IFTTT, which helps you create a recipe that will trigger a new Wordpress post to be created whenever you upload new content to your Instagram account, or within certain parameters.


This method is incredibly simple, and you can even use recipes already created by other users.




Plugins are potentially the easiest way to integrate Instagram into your WordPress site, and also offer maximum customizability. They offer a wide range of functionality, including the option to add images to a gallery. Plugins allow you to have a huge amount of control over the Instagram posts that are embedded in your site, including post titles, content information, and post format. You can even use hashtags or set the Plugin to import your images on a basis that works for you.


Now you know how to embed Instagram posts within your WordPress site, it’s crucial that you learn how to get the most out of this feature. Here are my top tips for pulling it off:


Pick A Theme


It’s essential that the aesthetic remains consistent on both your WordPress site and your social media accounts. This helps to create a cohesive, recognizable brand, as well as increasing the trust of your customers and making your business accounts look more professional.


Colors, fonts, and filters are excellent ways to ensure your brand maintains a consistent image across all of its platforms, and will instantly make your business more memorable.


Cross-Link Your Content


Cross-linking optimizes Instagram content in a way that also directs users back to your WordPress site, rather than acting as a one-way system that only directs users away from WordPress and towards Instagram.


A perfect opportunity for cross-linking is the bio section on your Instagram page. Any link you put here will be highly visible and is likely to get many clicks. Keep the link up-to-date and ensure that any important or promotional material is advertised here.


There are other ways to cross-link, though. For example, use the caption on your Instagram posts to your advantage and encourage your followers to visit your WordPress site. By using strong phrases such as “visit our website for exclusive offers”, these captions can be a call to action that are sure to pique the interest of your followers and convert to clicks.


Instagram is an essential tool to grow your business in 2021 and should not be overlooked by anyone who wants to market their business effectively. The platform enables photos, videos, and live streams, each of which can be used successfully by savvy marketers to increase brand recognition, interaction, and ultimately sales.


By embedding your Instagram posts in your WordPress site, you can increase engagement and ramp up traffic, hopefully leading to increased revenue. The tips above should make the integration process simple and straightforward, so get started immediately to reap the rewards and realize the true potential of this feature.


Christina Lee is a writer and a project manager at Dissertation writing service and UK Writings. Her areas of expertise include marketing news and tools and technologies for marketing.














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