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Five ways you can use Pinterest in your daily life


Five ways you can use Pinterest in your daily life


Pinterest is a social media platform where users can share their ideas or artwork in photo videos or GIFs.

Five ways you can use Pinterest in your daily life
Five ways you can use Pinterest in your daily life


1.  Pinterest has a vast user base of over 478 Million daily active users as of March 2021.

 It's a great platform to interact with others and grow your network. Due to the heavy user base, it is one of the fastest-growing platforms. Businesses and MNCs are getting active on it as it is one of the most engaging platforms and a company needs mainly engagements to develop itself. There are many advantages of using Pinterest among those; 5 ways you can use Pinterest in your daily life are: it is free to use; one can quickly grow their network to a considerable extent by sharing their ideas on a social media platform. It is beneficial for those willing to showcase their work as it can be quickly posted and widely transmitted among the user base. As the users have a mixture of tastes, every field, like art, music, clothing, gaming, etc., has a high reach, clearly showing that efforts invested on Pinterest do not go wasted. Along with the media posting, we can connect with others to enhance and grow our network. Users get to interact with each other of the same interest worldwide, making it a great social media platform.


2.It has enormous business potential as it allows users to display their business.

 Reports have claimed that over 84% of people purchased a product by seeing it on Pinterest. Apart from this, as Pinterest's majority of users are female, it is a massive marketplace as women tend to spend more on shopping than men. Advertising on Pinterest is also very productive as the growth of advertising reach on Pinterest is of whooping approx 7% or 12.2Million in every quarter as per this page. Almost more than half of the users discover a new brand every 6-7 days. According to data, users spend an average of 15 minutes in a single visit which is more than enough to convert a user into a customer.


3. As it is an image-sharing platform,

 BusinessesStudies have claimed that Pinterest plays a vital role in redirecting traffic to other websites. Use it to drive traffic to their respective websites by image SEO that is posting attractive images to gain users' attention to divert viewers to a particular link. Due to high traffic, it is tough to attract customers because of competition, but it is still one of the best and engaging platforms through which the users can be diverted. Humans tend to attract more towards something they see through their eyes. Pinterest is about media sharing, making it a suitable place to engage users for a monetary purpose and promotions of products or services. Such engagements lead to a very effective advertisement conversion as well. This is the only reason Pinterest is the preferred social media platform for advertising and promoting the business, as the users discover a minimum of 4-6 new brands every day.



4. It can also be used to learn something new,

Like food recipes or painting, or any other activity as users post everything through which one can quickly learn a recent activity every day, which also makes it an entertaining and productive social media that users do not hesitate to spend more and more time on. It has been a place full of a variety of people like photo bloggers, food bloggers, painters, musician fashion designers, and many more, which not only virtually present their work in front of others but also teach them how to do any particular activity by sharing their experiences with others, what problems they faced while working on it.


5. As we have seen in this tough time, people's mental health has been badly affected since the pandemic.

Pinterest is a great platform where users show off their skills and post their artworks which helps others be mentally fit. It is a place where people can spend hours as it is full of creative people and their extraordinary paintings, which keep viewers engaged with the content and pleases them to spend more and more time on it. Pinterest is full of such artists and artworks which have the potential to influence people a lot. That is the main reason why it is so popular among users. Pins can spark the users because users derive motivation from such artwork, as inspiration is necessary during this severe pandemic.





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