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Artificial Intelligence in Web Development


 Artificial Intelligence in Web Development 


Artificial Intelligence in Web Development
Artificial Intelligence in Web Development 

We're living in a world of humans and robots, where nearly everything that human hands can do, can be done automatically, too.

AI is everywhere. It's there when you purchase something online, when you look for an answer to your question while browsing the internet, and even when you're looking for assistance on pricing at a store.

Artificial intelligence is slowly but steadily changing how the world works by becoming an essential component of our everyday life.

AI impacts web development, too. It promises faster response rates, facilitates interactions and customizes the user experience, among benefits.

Implementing AI into your web development can help propel your brand to the next level, but only if it's executed correctly. So instead of going for it by yourself, consider getting in touch with experts to make your business stand out.

For example, if you live in New York, hunt for a good New York web design company that specializes in artificial intelligence and digital marketing. They can help you with a smarter, faster, and more efficient marketing strategy.

First, let's dive into AI and see exactly how it could help your brand.


What is AI?

AI, also known as Artificial Intelligence, is a branch of computer science that deals with creating and developing intelligent machines. These machines are meant to look, think and act like humans. They are typically used for learning, voice recognition, planning and problem-solving.


Is AI important?

A short answer: Yes. AI has become an essential part of human life. This technology can be found everywhere today, across a wider range of uses and industries.

Artificial Intelligence has been showcased in movies for almost a century. Its first appearance on the big screen was in 1927, in the German film Metropolis. Since then, it has evolved greatly. It slowly redefines life and its complexities.

Now, it's spreading to all aspects of life and tech, and it will continue to do so in the years to come. Let's summarize the current role of AI in society:

       It is essential in businesses where machines can take the place of humans (design, production, recycling, transportation, development, infrastructure).

       It assists humans in various activities, such as identifying diseases from simple images and information, controlling air and ground traffic, water and waste management, etc.

       It influences user experience by analyzing certain factors (facial recognition, data, social listening). Thus, it allows companies to know their users' or clients' behavior.

       It's inbuilt with technology and virtual robots to provide a similar experience to communicating with humans. Virtual assistants such as Google and Amazon Alexa are good examples.

Additionally, AI and machine learning are spreading throughout the world of tech. And they are reshaping how everything works, including web design and development.

Voice-based searches, predictive responses and statistical analysis are just a few changes in the way web design and development work.


Benefits Of Implementing AI In Website Development

AI can be found anywhere, from hotels to manufacturing or healthcare. It's expected to generate revenue as high as $126 billion by 2025, a Statista report says.

AI is going everywhere because web design and web development companies are developing AI-enabled websites. Let's see how AI contributes to web development.


1.      Faster reach

What is important for customers is reaching the desired information as fast as possible. Voice-based research is an implementation that helps with this aspect.

Siri, Cortana, Echo and Google Assistant are used daily by millions of people. Why? Because they're a fast means to get to information.

Voice-based searches can help customers find answers and make purchases faster.


2.      Better interactions

Chatbots can facilitate client communication and purchases. As a result, more businesses are adding chatbots to their websites.

A modern chatbot can replace an entire customer support team.

Chatbots based on machine learning can communicate naturally with clients. They are powered by AI techniques such as behavior analysis, data encryption and multifactor authentication. That's why they can predict natural responses to users' questions to increase sales.


3.      A customized user experience

In order to understand your client's needs and requirements better, your business can create a website with AI. This way, you can collect client preferences and browsing history, for example. Then, you use the information to adapt your services accordingly.

Are you looking for better engagement? You can engage more clients and personalize their experience on your website when you implement an AI solution to your website.

In addition, it can lead to your customer feeling like the entire website was made for him, which can serve as motivation to make a purchase.

A good example is Amazon.com. The online shop uses data previously tracked by its AI to recommend products.


4.      Marketing strategies

AI is also used in marketing. For example, AI technologies make predictions on what service or product is in demand.

By analyzing customer information, AI technologies can tell you what they are planning to purchase and what they like or don't like, what they usually look for, etc.

Collecting customer behavior will lead to highlighting the pros and cons of your online business. You can understand what your next steps should be or what you can change in order to increase your revenue


5.      AI design

AI is changing web design by taking the place of a designer. There's an increase in artificial design intelligence tools that do the same thing as a web designer.

Wix and Bookmark are two successful examples. They can create websites in a matter of minutes, and you can make additional changes afterward.


Cons of Implementing AI in Web Development

AI is slowly infusing every industry. As it happens, web development continues to grow as an industry.

For businesses where human capabilities are lacking, AI can benefit the user and the business. But there are drawbacks to using such technology. And we'll tell you all about it.

According to a NewVantage Partners survey, more than 90% of top businesses are invested in AI.

Moreover, the use of artificial intelligence is steadily increasing. And it's considered more efficient when it comes to finance, healthcare, mobile application design, graphic design and web design, among others. This raises the question of where people will fit in in the future.

Since most AI and machine learning technology monitors user behavior and online history, some people feel uncomfortable. It can become a privacy issue.

Lastly, although chatbots have adapted and developed natural responses, some customers can still realize they're talking to AI. Most people still want to receive personal responses. AI implementation takes that out of the picture, sadly.


AI Is in More Web Apps Than You Think

Google Assistant is a remarkable example of text-to-speech tech and AI. It answers your questions and finds information online. Plus, it can control your home appliances and lighting.

Netflix uses predictive systems to give you recommendations of material to watch based on your watching history.

You also have Grammarly, Siri, Cortana, and Amazon Echo. Even YouTube uses algorithms to pump out recommendations based on your viewing history. AI is implemented everywhere.

Web development agencies improve user turnover by creating smart web applications and interfaces that increase engagement, interaction and scalability.



There's no doubt that AI is changing the way we navigate the internet and how websites are developed. That's why, when you contact a web design company, for example, to help you design a website or app, they will implement helpful AI tools.

As you can see, AI can serve different purposes. But in the end, they all help you interact with your clients or users. All you have to do is hire a web developer that will update your site with the appropriate tools.  

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