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Xbox one x release date: When did Xbox one x come out


Xbox One X Release Date: When did Xbox One X Come Out

The Xbox x was developed by Microsoft it is a video game console. During its time of production, it was the most powerful video game console ever and it’s still the smallest sized Xbox ever. Then finally it was released on November 7, 2017. So we can say Xbox one x release date is November 7, 2017.

Xbox One x is a high-end software revision of Xbox One. To provide performance improvement for existing games the Xbox One X features upgraded hardware designed primarily to render games at 4 k resolution. 

Xbox one x release date
Xbox one x release date

Release date of Xbox One:

The Xbox One is released on November 22, 2013. Goosebumps veins, Gasp and Dilate are the names of the videos included in the collection.

Xbox One X Information

  • The developer of Xbox X is Microsoft
  • The manufacturers of Xbox One X are Flextronics and Foxconn
  • The generation of  Xbox One X is the eight
  • The Lifespan of Xbox One X  is between 2013 to2016, One S 2016-present. One X 2017-2020
  • The Xbox X introductory US $499
  • The Xbox One X Media is All models: Blu-ray, DVD, CD, Digital distribution.
  • The Operating system of Xbox One X is Xbox One system software.
  • The memory of Xbox One X is for the original Xbox One, 8 GB DDR3, and for X is 12 GB GDDR5.
  • The Xbox One X has storage of 1 TB HDD Original and for One S: 500 GB HDD. For X: 1 TB HDD.
  • The Xbox One X sound is 7.1.
  • The input of Xbox One X is HDMI.
  • Camera of Xbox One X is 1080p
  • The predecessor of Xbox One X is Xbox 360
  • And the successor of Xbox One X is Xbox Series X/S.

What generation the Xbox One X is?

The Xbox One X is the eighth generation of the Xbox.


In May 2013 the initial unveiling of the Xbox One created criticism in the digital rights management scheme it would use to significant changes. For focusing too much on games Microsoft E3 2013 press conference was criticized beyond increased graphical capabilities.


It is the successor of the Xbox One S, The look of the Xbox one X is similar to its predecessor but appears in space gray. In the front, there is a USB port on the front of the console that appears on the right side. The Xbox One X is smaller than the console of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Below the disc driver, there is a button to eject disks.


Microsoft officially unveiled Xbox One X during a press conference at E3 2017; it’s a high version of the Xbox One which releases in November 2017. The features of Xbox X upgraded hardware and in which play the game at 4k resolution, in high definition displays super sample provide the graphical improvement.


The Xbox One X Uses a system on a chip known as Scorpio Engine further streamlined system. With 9 GB of games, it has 12 GB RAM. It also supports the technology of AMD,s Free Sync. For cooling SoC to optimize their output the motherboard will be tailored to the exact voltage needs of each individual.


Totaling eight x86-64 core clocked at 1.75 GHz. the APU is built on TSMC’S 28mm process. With a memory bandwidth of 109 GB/s, the memory subsystem also features an additional 32 MB of embedded static” RAM or ESRAM. Non-replaceable hardware is also system include. Software update on June 2014 since, after that about two USB drives can be connected to Xbox One expands its capacity. For the operating system and utility software, it was reported that 3 GB of RAM would be reserved.


With all existing Xbox One software and accessories, Xbox One X will be compatible. The upgraded hardware gams to take advantage marketed as Xbox One X Enhanced may be optimized, while the existing game receives no charge. The Xbox One X Vr support Microsoft announced not yet any official plan, but on the console.

 Final words 

I hope you understand better about this Xbox one x release date,  When did Xbox one x come out, release date of Xbox one, and complete details about Xbox one x. what generation Xbox one x is, and much more questions I answered here if you have still the question in your mind feel free to ask me 

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