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7 Essential Web Development Skills to Learn in 2022


7 Essential Web Development Skills to Learn in 2022

As a web developer, no amount of skills can be just enough. The industry is constantly changing and evolving, and if you don't read about new trends like your morning newspaper, you'll be left behind.


Does that make you wonder what skills you must learn for 2022? I'd hope so! In this blog, I have mentioned seven essential web development skills you need to be an expert on for 2022.




"Change is the only constant," especially when we're talking about the digital world. Brands and agencies are after talented web developers - frontend, backend, or a versatile one. Web development is the most critical player in a digital marketing strategy - a good website coupled with Google's approval is the backbone of any company's success.


Wondering what the demand for web developers is like? Take a look at this screenshot from LinkedIn, showing the number of jobs available for web developers:

Web Development Skills to Learn
Web Development Skills to Learn



Let's now discuss how to be the best web developer anyone has ever seen! Here is a list of web development skills to learn in 2022!


7 Essential Web Development Skills to Learn in 2022




The complete form of HTML is Hypertext Markup Language, and the entire structure of CSS is Hypertext Markup Language. If you've been in the industry for a while, you know how important the look and feel of the website is - HTML and CSS are responsible for that. Using HTML, you can add or remove content from your website, and it defines the website's structure.


Using CSS, you can design and style your website any way you want to. It helps you make your website look presentable and have a unique identity. Hence, web developers need to have a strong understanding of these three concepts.


#2 HTTP and REST


HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and REST (Representational State Transfer) are two different protocols with different goals. REST is a system-to-system interface that uses the HTTP protocol to obtain data and perform many actions (in various forms). HTTP is a communication protocol that allows you to communicate with your client, and REST acts as a link between the front end and the back end.


#3 Javascript


Mastering the art of Javascript is another critical and essential skill required for web developers. The world's most popular language, Java, will help you build a comfortable and confusion-free website for the viewers.


The object-oriented scripting language is primarily used in HTML to implement functionalities, and it's one of the most used languages for building codes. JavaScript is also the only language that can be used in the browser and on the server.


I love Java for the numerous features it provides, like:




      higher-order event delegation, and



These features have together helped me create responsive and user-friendly websites.


#4 Soft skills


Being a web developer goes beyond just learning languages, creating websites and running codes. It's about much more; here are three soft skills that a web developer should have.



As a web developer, you're constantly working with clients - understanding their needs and creating websites according to their requirements. Hence, you must be able to explain to them various factors of the website you have developed. Communication will also help you broaden your network and consequently gain more clients.



Working in a team is crucial while working at an agency. There are high chances that you'll be working with other people in your team for developing the same website, and you should be able to interact with them and have the understanding to see positive outcomes.



With every project, there comes numerous challenges and problems. A web developer should be able to face those problems and come up with instant solutions. While interacting with clients, you'll encounter many questions from them, and you should be able to answer them.


#5 Git and GitHub


Be it a small-scale project or a large-scale one, the speed and efficiency through Git stay the same. Git allows developers to track real-time changes to programmes, scripts, webpages, papers, and other materials related to software and application development. Professional developers nearly always have a GitHub profile, which is essential if they collaborate with others. Mastering Git and GitHub will be easier if you take a comprehensive online digital marketing course.


#6 Backend Languages


I have previously mentioned the importance of HTML/CSS and JavaScript. In addition to this, there are some backend languages you should be familiar with. Some of these languages include:



PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a general-purpose programming language that can create interactive and dynamic websites. Primarily, it increases the functionality of web pages and is also integrated with HTML.



Python is a high-level programming language that can eventually help you lower your software maintenance costs. It increases and prioritises readability due to its concise and easy-to-learn syntax.



Java is a programming language that may be used for a wide range of tasks. It's possible to use it to create online, desktop, and mobile applications. Furthermore, Java comes with a slew of frameworks that make backend development even more manageable.


#7 Database Storage


All online applications necessitate the use of a database to store all of the data, ensuring that developers can access it later. The experience of a Full Stack Developer who is well-versed in relational databases and database storage is required for database storage.

Things a Full Stack Developer should know about database storage and management include:


      Relational and non-relational data characteristics.

      Understanding of NoSQL databases.

      Knowledge of online storage.




That's the seven essential web development skills to learn in 2022! These are some of the most necessary skills for a developer; mastering them will take you a long way in the field. After this, all that is left for you is to get as much experience as possible and keep learning throughout your career!


Did this blog help you? Let me know in the comments below!



Karthik is a leading SEO analyst and web developer. He is the Digital Marketing Head of echoVME Digital, One of the leading digital marketing agency in Chennai and a digital marketing trainer at Digital Scholar. He has great expertise in his field. Having served in this field for over a decade, he is a go-to person for SEO and tech-related queries.


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