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6 Of The Best WordPress Plugins To Streamline Your Writing Business


6 Of The Best WordPress Plugins To Streamline Your Writing Business

Best WordPress Plugins To Streamline Your Writing Business
Best WordPress Plugins To Streamline Your Writing Business

Are you a writer who uses WordPress? Or are you thinking of using WordPress for your writing business?

If so, we have researched the various plugins available and have come up with the 6 most relevant to you. Read on to discover the plugins best suited to your writing business.

1. Editorial Calendar

Maybe one of the most invaluable plugins ever to be released is the Editorial Calendar. Allowing you to plan your posts so you can see at-a-glance which posts are scheduled for which day of the month, the Editorial Calendar is easy to use with a drag-and-drop tool making editing your calendar both intuitive and effortless.

The Editorial Calendar lets you edit and write your blog posts from within the calendar itself, allowing changes and additions quick and simple.

2. Yoast SEO

This smart plugin is useful and ingenious if you have limited knowledge of SEO. Yoast SEO will help you optimize your posts with search-engine-friendly keywords, giving your site more visibility in search engines and subsequently gaining new readers and followers.

In addition to analyzing your writing for SEO-friendly keywords, it offers templates for meta descriptions and SEO-friendly titles, as well as readability analysis.

3. Broken Link Checker

If you’ve been in the writing business for any length of time, you’ve probably encountered this problem—a link taking you to the infamous 404 error page rather than where it should be redirecting your readers.

The Broken Link Checker can end this embarrassment from happening again. This nifty plugin will test all the links on your WordPress site and detect missing images too. You’ll then be able to edit the link in the Broken Link Checker plugin, saving you the trouble and time of having to fix the link in every post one by one.

4. Publish To Schedule

Do you have a holiday coming up? Or do you simply want to continue your writing project without having to pause and write new posts? One convenient way to free up your time is to use the Publish To Schedule plugin. This plugin allows you to write the posts when you have some free time and then schedule when you want them to be released on your WordPress site.

The Publish To Schedule plugin gives you the flexibility to write posts in bulk or in advance without having to worry about forgetting to publish them. After you’ve written them, simply schedule the posts, sit back and forget about them and let this clever plugin do the rest of the work for you.

5. NextScripts

Now you know how to schedule your posts, NextScripts can help you reach that next level of automation. NextScripts allows you to publish your WordPress blog posts automatically onto your social media pages. Covering Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, NextScripts is the one-stop plugin to link your social media accounts seamlessly to your WordPress site.

If you would rather not publish every blog post to all of your social media channels, that’s no problem for NextScripts, simply specify which blog posts you want to be published to which of your social media pages.

6. WProofreader

Have you ever sent a post out into the world only to reread it and cringe at the glaring typos? The WProofreader plugin can easily prevent this.

As you’re typing away, this plugin will automatically underline any grammar or spelling mistakes, easily alerting you and allowing you to fix any issues before pressing that Publish button.

If you are worried that having your work proofread and underlined as you type will distract you, the WProofreader plugin allows you to set it to proofread your work in a separate pop-up window instead.

Final Thoughts

Any of the WordPress plugins discussed above will help to streamline your writing business and increase your productivity, freeing up more time for completing other tasks in your business.

Whether you need help in creating error-free content, scheduling posts, optimizing your WordPress site for visibility or publishing your posts across social media channels, these 6 best plugins for writers are sure to assist you in leveling up your writing business.

Written by Emily Henry. She is a writer at Professional essay writing service and Write My Essay and specializes in writing about WordPress and plugins.










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