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25 Content Strategy | Tips | Things you should never do in your content strategy or it will ruin everything



25 Content Strategy | Tips | Things you should never do in your content strategy or it will ruin everything
Content Strategy
Content Strategy

Here are 25 Content Strategy tips 


Always have a plan. This is the very first thing you should know before starting any content marketing campaign. Without a solid foundation, your story may fall apart. Here's how to plan for content success.


Organize your content. You don't want to confuse your readers or lose track of what you have to say, so organize it properly and prepare a writing plan. 


Avoid using dark patterns in your marketing! For example... saying one thing and doing another. Just be true to your word with this simple rule.


Make sure you give people something valuable (other than cool pictures) with every story you share.


 Provide a clear call to action so people know what to do next, whether it's subscribing or buying. Without this final step, your story won't have the happy ending you want.


Make every post about the same thing. If you want to give your readers what they actually want, make sure your content is consistent and focused on one topic so people can get what they need quickly.


 Don't just think outside of the box, destroy it! Be bold, be creative, and find interesting ways of saying things that will spark people's attention.


Never ever use artificial intelligence in your strategy. Or anything else than pure human intelligence for that matter... because it's creepy and kills creativity.


Keep track of how you write to ensure quality always comes first! You don't want to fall into this common writing pitfall.

PRO TIP #10:

Keep in mind that your story doesn't end with one simple post. You need to create an entire conversation around it and keep the momentum going.


Repurpose your content! If you're not writing about new topics all the time, use old ideas in fresh ways with this one smart trick and save tons of cash... more money for beer :).

PRO TIP #12:

Don't get involved in public disputes or flame wars. Never ever start a debate unless you really know what you are talking about. It's always better to engage people on a more private channel where they can have their say without being publicly embarrassed.  

PRO TIP #13:

Teach your audience how to be better at whatever they're doing. Not only will you make them happier, but it's also a great way to build trust and establish authority.


 Avoid clicking or sharing stories that are only slightly related to your interest... unless your idea of fun is sinking in quicksand.

PRO TIP #15:

Don't believe everything you read on the internet! It may sound like the end of the world, but there are ways to fact-check content before sharing it with other people. And don't forget this important rule for online safety, either!  

PRO TIP #16:

Do you want to be a Snarky McSnarkface? Just think twice before you post sarcastic comments, ok?

PRO TIP #17:

Don't use any acronyms... EVER! Unless you're talking about the International Space Station. That's cool and everyone knows that NASA acronym anyway.


Use humor only if people will truly laugh at it and feel good about your brand as a result. Otherwise, stick to what works with this simple but effective rule for funny online content.

PRO TIP #19:

Always be human and kind when dealing with unhappy customers or critics on social media. No one likes a mean comment from some random person they don't even know.

PRO TIP #20:

Don't retweet things unless they are relevant to your niche or can somehow bring value to your followers. You don't want people unfollowing you because of the spammy crap that keeps showing up on their timeline.

PRO TIP #21:

Try not to write about the same topic more than once a week, but if you must... try making it at least slightly different so no one has an excuse to complain about reposts.

PRO TIP #22:

Pay attention to what other people do and think, then use that info in whatever strategy you're trying out next! There's always something valuable hidden underneath all those mistakes everyone's making with content marketing.

PRO TIP #23:

Don't use calls-to-action unless your purpose is to convert. That's the only time people are really motivated to take action. You'll have more luck getting others to listen or buy if you don't tell them what to do, but you can still suggest them something...


Use simple words and short sentences so everyone who reads your post will understand everything at first glance.

PRO TIP #25:

Be brave! If you're not afraid of trying new things, there's no way that any of your ideas can fail.


Marketing these days is difficult enough as it is, let alone trying to stand out with great content that converts readers into customers. That being said, by avoiding these five things in your content strategy you will be miles ahead of the competition before you even start! So keep these tips in mind and start planning for your content success today!


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