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What Is The Cost To Hire A Flutter App Developer



What Is The Cost To Hire A Flutter App Developer In 2021?

Cross-platforms apps are progressively taking over the native apps. Also, it suddenly contributes to the increase in demand for cross-platform application developers in the overall market.


In this regard, the main question arises: What is the cost to hire a skilled developer to satisfy your requirements? But, before that, you should get a good understanding of the significant reasons behind the growing demand for cross-platform apps.

Cost to Hire a Flutter app developer
Cost to Hire a Flutter app developer

Reasons Behind The Increasing Demand For Cross-Platform Apps

     Easy marketing

     Greater market reach

     Reduced app development cost

     Testing of the app is much easier

     Codes are cheaper to maintain

     Availability of better plugins


While discussing developing cross-platform apps, Flutter and React Native are rapidly gaining ground in application development. They secured their position as the top two most popular app development frameworks.


But, among these two, Flutter is becoming more and more popular these days. So, in the below-mentioned section, we will talk about the cost of hiring a Flutter developer in 2021.

What Is The Cost To Hire A Flutter Application Developer In 2021?

Being an advanced open-source SDK, the Flutter framework is supported and owned by Google. It was launched in May 2017.


But, in a short time, it has become the 2nd most preferred technology whenever it comes to developing a mobile application.

What Type Of Company To Choose And The Main Reasons Behind That?

In this regard, the first and the most critical question that arises is, what type of company should you select and why?


In the market, there is the easy availability of a lot of app developers. But, the numbers are pretty less whenever it comes to hiring Flutter application developers.

What Is The Cost To Hire A Flutter App Developer
What Is The Cost To Hire A Flutter App Developer


The Flutter framework was launched only three years back, i.e., in the year 2017. So, it can be a real challenge to come across the best Flutter app development company. But, to make the work easier, all that you need is to follow these things:


     It needs to be a top Flutter application development company to hire a Flutter app development team.

     A firm must allow you to have a comprehensive discussion with the Flutter application development team.

     You are spending a lot of money on your app development project. So, you should make sure that the company can share the details of their past Flutter app development project.

It will help you determine the satisfaction level of the client and the project quality.

     Another important thing is to ensure that the company strictly follows NDAs. It will help to avoid leaking your app idea to the market successfully.

     You must be able to hire a Flutter developer or development team without going through any hassles.

     You need to get the best out of your Flutter mobile application development. So, all you need is to evaluate the balance between the quality and cost of the project.


The cost of hiring a full-time Flutter application developer usually ranges from $25 to $75+/hr.


But, one thing that you should keep in mind is that each company possesses its unique cost structure. This structure is again subject to vary based on the below-mentioned factors:

Engaging Model Of The Developer

To meet the modern demands of the clients, app development companies are inclined towards offering you three types of engaging models. It includes full-time, hourly, and part-time hiring.


So, based on your project requirements and business needs, you can focus on engaging a team.


One thing to keep in mind is that every hiring method possesses its benefits and limitations. So, your choice should be entirely dependent on your end goals.

Part-Time Hiring Model

Hiring part-time developers is best suited if your project is small. Also, you can consider this option if you want to complete it within a brief period.


The most crucial benefit of this model is that they are not that expensive to hire. So, you can easily employ part-time developers in case of your related project needs.

Hourly Hiring

Are you looking forward to migrating your application to the modern platform? Or are you focusing on upgrading your existing application with the latest features? If any of these applies to your case, then it is recommended to go for hourly hiring.

Dedicated Hiring Model

Outsourcing a dedicated application development team has effectively transformed into an international trend.


It is evident from a survey that it will continue to expand more in the upcoming future times. Businesses of almost any size find this type of hiring model to be a convenient option to choose.

Experience And Expertise Of The Developer

When developing an application, the developer's experience, skills, and expertise can make a significant difference. With the growth of their industry experience, the cost of the developer also simultaneously increases.


Although Flutter is a recently launched technology, it has generated an enormous demand among businesses for application development.


Therefore, there is a relatively high need for Flutter app developers compared to the availability of expert, experienced and skilled developers.


For example, in the US, the average salary of middle-skill level Flutter developers is approximately $87,818. So, a developer with an expert or low skill level will charge you accordingly.


Therefore, the ultimate choice of hiring application developers is hugely dependent upon your specific project requirements. Before you hire, you will have to decide how experienced or skilled programmers are needed for your project.

Location Of The Developer

The cost of hiring application developers is hugely reliant on the location. It is because the living cost in different places is different. Among all other areas, India has emerged as the hot-pick destination for hiring mobile app developers.


The ultimate cost of app development drastically varies depending on the total time that the developer spends on your project.


On average, an offshore mobile app developer will focus on working 40 hours or five days a week. So, it can be easily calculated as 160 hours in a month.

App Development Complexity

Whenever it comes to hiring a Flutter application developer, there are mainly two primary concerns that come to your mind. It involves the quality and pricing of the product, which is again affected by the project complexity.


The set of the functionalities and features that you choose to integrate into an application can make a significant difference. It is something that decides the final app development cost.


Some Extra Expenses Which Can Add Up To The App Development Cost

Application Categorization

The defining of the category occurs based on the goal of launching your app. Every app has distinct features, users, and targeted audiences to be classified into specific categories.


The most common category of the app involves eCommerce applications which require a user to create an account. Again, online food ordering applications allow users to track and call the drivers specifically through an app.


Following your app type, you should focus on deciding who exactly will be your targeted audience. You can choose where to launch your app, i.e., Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


However, by going for a Flutter app developer, you would launch your application on both platforms. It will provide you with a better market reach with only a single app.

Why Selecting Flutter App Developers Is Worth Over The Others?

You will find a lot of explanations on the internet that claim that selecting Flutter is a worthy decision. 

     Backed By Google

Created by Google and based on its in-house programming language, it is expected that Flutter will grow more in the future.

As Google supports this framework, it can assure the latest and most advanced techniques to the developers. Therefore, it translates the most complex app development processes into simple ones.

     A Wide Selection Of Widgets

Flutter framework provides you with an extensive selection of advanced software development kits. So, the developers can use this to create an appealing native-like UI for the app. 

Average Cost Of Flutter App Development

There is no specific answer to this question as the final cost depends on several factors. It includes the location of the developers, the complexity of the app, the idea of app development, the choice of the tech stack, and a lot more.


Due to this, it is not possible to answer this question straightforwardly.


However, with the detailed analysis and research, we have concluded some important points:


     The cost of a fitness and nutrition app will be around $10,000 to $12,000+, with basic features like:

     workout suggestions,

     weight dairy,

     personal profiles,

     weight-loss strategies,

     meal plans, etc.

     The cost of Flutter app development with a middle level of complexity, such as chatting apps, will be around $10,000 to $15,000+.

     The process of app development with a complicated app structure such as Instagram will cost you between $20,000 to $30,000+,

Final Verdict

I am sure; now, you have understood the critical factors deciding the cost of hiring a Flutter app developer in 2021. As evident from the above section, there is no such standard cost of hiring a developer.


It is because each project possesses distinct requirements and needs experts with varying levels of skills. Therefore, the cost would not be the same at any point.


So, if you have related needs, you need to opt for the assistance of a professional mobile app development company. They can play a vital role in translating your app idea into an ideal solution under a limited budget.


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Kandarp Bhatt

An international speaker, technology visionary and web Aficionado, Kandarp Bhatt runs ZealousWeb, a Digital Transformation company that offers inventive digital solutions to clients across 66 countries.  An eCommerce enthusiast, he is committed to expanding the digital footprint of his clients by delivering innovative solutions that meet their business requirements. Nothing moves him more than seeing his clients' growth. 

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