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Buy Online In Sydney — Vitamin D3 — Kennedy’s Pharmacy


Buy Online In Sydney — Vitamin D3 — Kennedy’s Pharmacy

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) belongs to the group of vitamins D (D1-D6) necessary to maintain human metabolism. Form D3 is a type of compound that is synthesized in human skin cells under the action of ultraviolet B rays, and is also absorbed when ingested with food. It is a fat-soluble vitamin formed from tetracyclic hydrocarbons. This vitamin deficiency is often not easy to spot. It manifests itself in muscle weakness, drowsiness, and depression tendencies. In children, the skeleton may not form properly.

Vitamin D3
Vitamin D3


Vitamin D3 is an irreplaceable helper of the body when it comes to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. In simple words, bone strength depends on it. Therefore, calcium preparations are often completed with this substance. Chronic vitamin D deficiency in adults often leads to obesity, osteoporosis, and other bone problems. For people near retirement and retirement age, vitamin D supplements can help reduce the symptoms of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

How to avoid vitamin D3 deficiency

There are three ways to provide the body with a sufficient amount of vitamin D3.

  • The simplest is regular exposure to sunlight. Since even in the summer, many of us have to work in stuffy offices, this substance does not have the ability to accumulate like fatty deposits.
  • The second option is food, including cod liver, fish (fatty varieties), egg yolks, homemade butter.
  • The third option is to take a drug containing vitamin D. In this case, you can use both the drug itself and another, which contains this vitamin. For example, often the advice of dentists who have noticed a lack of calcium in a patient comes down to recommendations to buy tableted calcium supplemented with vitamin D.


This combination promotes both the supply of useful building material for bone tissue and tooth enamel and its assimilation.  On Kennedy’s Pharmacy’s you can buy vitamin D3 in many different forms with the dosages you need.

The range of drugs with which you can replenish the stock of the element under discussion is quite wide on the Sydney pharmacy market — these are numerous drugs in tablets, capsules, and solutions. But, before you buy vitamin D3, it is worth considering that its digestibility and ease of use depend on the form of release of the drug. Vitamin D3 prices start from 25$ for 6 capsules.

Therefore, it is recommended to take it in the morning, along with breakfast or in the morning. In this case, the dosage largely depends on the age and condition of the person:

For people under 50, 600-800 IU per day is recommended;

Older — 800-1000 IU;

Increasing the dosage is also recommended for pregnant women, vegans and everyone who, due to circumstances, rarely goes outside in natural light.


Often, a deficiency of vitamin D3 in the body is also facilitated by a lack of calcium, phosphates, and vicasol. Therefore, pharmacies in Sydney also recommend that you pay attention to complex drugs that help maintain your health. When buying vitamin D3 you should pay attention to its drug interactions.

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