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Why is Passport Verification Documents Mandatory to Diminish Identity Theft?


 Why is Passport Verification Documents Mandatory to Diminish Identity Theft?
Why is Passport Verification Documents Mandatory to Diminish Identity Theft?
 Why is Passport Verification Documents Mandatory to Diminish Identity Theft? 

While traveling, documents are needed for identity proof from over the five decades, which shows that they are very compulsory for the identification of a person. On the other side, the covid pandemic made it very compulsory to hold passports as well, such as vaccine passports. As an outcome, the passport identification world is shifted to digital systems and eliminated the traditional passport document authentication to fight against fraud cases and thefts. Apart from this, another purpose is to centralize the order of the universe and to establish an online document verification portal. Identity scam cases and frauds gave birth to many precautionary measures and cybercriminals have accumulated their tactics for money laundering and do many other illicit activities. Furthermore, spammers deliver phishing emails to the end-users and businesses for dragging them down their reputation and financial losses.   

 How do Passport Verification Documents help comply with KYC regulations?

What are KYC Authentication and its compliance?

The verification of the customers is directly associated with the know your customer (KYC) identification. Regulative jurisdictions authorized it as an international obligation to perform digital verification thefts and additional countless other online breaches. Even though at the start it was assumed that KYC laws are only meant to be the part of financial institutions but later on its need was felt in all other sectors too to combat the growth of fraud. As a repercussion, there are many types of the KYC solutions such as Know Your Patient (KYP), customer (KYCC), business (KYB), and transaction (KYT). The use of traditional know your customer identification through different means is hectic and hard, but the supportive and helping identification in less time is processed digitally.

Online Vs. Traditional Passport Verification Documents 

There are numerous shortcomings in old-fashioned passport verification documents such as;

  1. They are leaned to human errors
  2. Are high-rated due to the decreasing of additional individual resources
  3. A record of growing regulations can not be maintained by identification officers efficiently
  4. The countries holograms, prints, and inks can not be maintained by these identification officers
  5. Wastage of time
  6. Waste of supplies

Nonetheless, digital passport verification document has added perquisites such as 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning permits digital KYC authentication through the applicability to store complicated languages and text formats 

  1. Security slogans such as holograms and inks are further acknowledged and authenticated by the document verification software
  2. It is a process that is a high-speed document verification that performs identification in flashes
  3. Dubious credentials such as edited photoshopped and tampered documents, false and fake documents while diminishing the workforce can also be recognized by it

How to Verify Documents Online in Businesses?

Document verification by enhanced means can be performed by corporations, nevertheless, the common and critical element is to practice all verifications concurrently to overcome the feasibility of dropping out on suspicious people. 

Performing passport verification is done through the processes given below. All these mechanisms can be looked at under passport document verification; hence, let’s look at those online document verification techniques proficiently. 

How Does the Embassy Verify the Documents?

The verification of documents in the embassies is performed in a symmetrical way that is mentioned below with the application for the authentication of documents. 
  1. The end-user is bound to submit all of his personal documents such as passports, identity cards, and driving licenses for passport verification documents.
  2. Then a selfie is required, for that, a user is then asked to click a selfie while he carries the attestation documents in this hand to evade document fraud
  3. The online document verification process further needs the client to fill out all the forms available there.
  4. The documents examine main textual data through OCR and ICR technology and preserve them in the backend of the online document verification portal. 
  5. The document checker online then identifies the personal credentials accommodated by verifying the document with any edits, photoshopped and tampering, skills used.
  6. A biometric examination is performed that verifies the biometrics of the individual, such as facial features. It cross-checks both the selfie and the picture on the documents of a person and performs authentication.
  7.  The security holograms and prints are also checked. 
  8. The passport verification documents also verify the address of an individual


Passport verification documents are a mandatory and efficient tool that all embassies adopt to fasten the mechanism of their verification. It is important to fight against the growth of thefts and breaches to comply with KYC regulations. Specifically, after the covid 19, the order of the universe needs to be more developed which is only by availing the support of such technologies. 




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