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FIS-SST Software as a competent nearshoring partner



FIS-SST Software as a competent nearshoring partner


FIS-SST Software as a competent nearshoring partner
FIS-SST Software as a competent nearshoring partner

FIS-SST Custom Software Solutions (FIS GmbH Group) is a system house that specializes in custom software development. SAP and JAVA technologies are our main areas of focus. Our sixteen-year history has focused on collaborating with end customers

In a project-based structure:

FIS-SST Software manages your business requirements efficiently and reliably through an exclusive team dedicated to you. As part of this project model, the project scope, the required time, and the associated costs are defined. Sprint cycles and work packages are two ways to learn about the results of a project at the Development Center. FIS-SST software company provides you with qualified development resources for any project that you need to successfully complete on time.

After all, everything good comes in threes.

Our company is distinguished from its competitors on the market by these three features

1.    The FIS-SST platform combines SAP ABAP, JAVA and .NET technologies from Microsoft under one roof. Our IT team is made up of highly qualified and experienced software developers with extensive experience. We have extensive experience in developing custom software solutions in many areas, including B2B enterprise business solutions for industries like automotive, finance, accounting, etc. - always according to customer requirements.

2.    FIS-SST Software ensures smooth communication and pleasant interactions. Because we are focused on the projects

3.    FIS-SST is proficient, steady and dependable. We need to be seen as a provider, yet in addition as a colleague. We guarantee long haul participation. We ensure that the task explicit skill and experience stay in our organization and are accessible to the client during the whole undertaking life cycle and subsequently.

We accept that main participation on an organization premise can bring ideal outcomes. We utilize all our insight and experience to guarantee our customers' prosperity, which is likewise our prosperity

The product arrangements by FIS-SST Software depend on advancements very much took a stab at the market and effectively utilized.


Explicit endeavor class business utilizations of top caliber and solidness are created utilizing JAVA and chose persistent reconciliation devices just as consistent conveyance.


The .NET stage created by Microsoft sets new norms for the improvement of Web applications.

Benefits with FIS-SST Software:

·         All around attempted task strategy

·         Specialization on cutting edge advances, like Java

·         Long-standing accomplices of Microsoft and SAP

·         Extensive, down to earth collaboration experience with West European (specifically German) IT organizations

·         High adaptability and individualization in the plan and advancement of programming arrangements

·         We additionally say that we break new ground

Ideas about the Work to your partner:

FIS-SST Software considers new ideas and tracks down the best answer for each task, regardless of how complex it is. This assists us with creating customized programming arrangements that meet the singular requirements of our clients. We are not reluctant to help our clients in tackling issues in their present activities - consistently with our profoundly adaptable critical thinking abilities and a devoted group of IT specialists. We are additionally open to new subjects and new difficulties.

FIS-SST Blazor:

One of the principle benefits of utilizing Blazer is that generally designers can compose their code in C# and HTML without JavaScript. Code is not difficult to investigate and it's exceptionally advantageous to utilize all benefits of Visual Studio, for example, grammar featuring and ideas. Nonetheless, despite the fact that Blazor develops extremely quick, it is generally new among other well-known web structures and the foundation of libraries that are adjusted for Razor Pages is still little.

Development Services:

FIS-SST helps you at whatever point you need qualified advancement assets to complete an undertaking in due time. The FIS-SST Software expert’s only interpretation of jobs characterized by you. You settle in the size of the group as a drawn out workbench.

Auto Online decided on a drawn out organization with FIS SST that guaranteed progression. FIS SST and furthermore gave the retailer the benefit of an asset with a more extensive scope of innovation skills. FIS SST gave the application advancement just as the specialized help

Silesia had concerns with respect to fostering an answer without any preparation. In any case, lower application improvement costs in Poland drove Silesia to give the approval with nearshoring administrations from FIS SST software for a custom fitted application without any preparation.

The venture followed a normal Scrum approach:

·         Collect necessities and positioned them as per needs

·         After a couple of months FIS SST made a pilot form (a business entry with admittance to applicants and chronicle archives) in one of the branches

·         Implementation of new modules advanced in equal. The dispatch of the new upgrades was planned at stretches more than a while

·         After eight months being developed, the administration chose to rollout the application to any remaining branch areas

FIS SST gave the worker foundation. The model ended up being so alluring for Silesia that FIS SST established a facilitated climate for the application. FIS SST gave all assets and worker framework in a SaaS model.

The FIS SST software nearshoring group dealt with the whole interaction from social occasion necessities, plan, advancement and execution. The whole venture was finished in under 9 months.

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