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Cpanel : what is cpanel : How does cPanel work?



Cpanel: What is CPanel: Discover everything you need to know about web hosting

Do you know cPanelWeb hosting is one of the main elements for building the website for our company but, many times, hosting servers are quite expensive and difficult to manage, which limits small companies to create their own web pages on Bluehost webmail login details. 

Many of the large companies that we know have a VPS ( Virtual Private Server, for Anglo-Saxon friends), but small and medium-sized companies find it extremely difficult and expensive to access a private server. Luckily for them, there are inexpensive and easy-to-use web hosting software, such as cPanel. 

In our article today we will not only talk about what cPanel is, its advantages and disadvantages, what exactly this web hosting software is for, as well as its function and some alternatives to cPanel. 

What should you know about website creation and management?

The creation and administration of a website is one of the fundamental pillars when expanding our company to new horizons and, thus, reaching a new group of clients, but many times because we do not have the necessary tools, we cannot achieve this goal.

Having a website with a fast and optimized interface is the key to getting organic traffic that allows you to achieve this goal and thus have a greater amount of income and customers. But can you create your own website from scratch ? The answer is yes. 

Mariana Rodrigo, in the WordPress online course to design and develop web pages from scratch , assures us “a few years ago, taking this first step was somewhat complicated, you had to have minimal programming knowledge to do a WordPress installation (... ) " . Something that we can now do quickly and easily. 

The first step in creating this website is to have a complete idea of ​​it: its name, what it will be about, if it will be an online sales page (only informative, with prices, products, services, branches ...) or will it be a blog of your services and products, as well as the web design, developed based on the aforementioned and a strong marketing strategy.

Once created, the most fundamental part, the administration of this website. The administration of our website is crucial to the success of the company . With managing our website, we refer to the maintenance of the servers, the updating of content, as well as the investment in a web hosting that allows us to store the information of our clients.

One of the best ways to ideally manage our website is to have web hosting tools. This software allows us to constantly monitor our pages and keep them running and optimized, and cPanel is the ideal tool for hosting.

What is cPanel?

Control Panel or simply cPanel, as its name implies, is a control panel from where we can manage web hosting servers, being one of the most popular administration software for web hosting. 

cPanel is a graphical interface software ( Graphical User Interface, for its acronym in English), based on Linux that is used in the world of web development and server hosting for their administration and maintenance.

Website hosting is one of the fundamental pillars for companies that administer and manage customer domains and thus, making modifications and keeping these websites incorrect operation, you need specialized and easy-to-use tools. Well, cPanel helps simplify this work.

According to the specialized portal Medium ", a web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service, which allows people and organizations to make their website accessible through the World Wide Web".

This software has two interfaces that allow us to perform different tasks and processes within our websites:

  • The user interface: directed directly to the clients and consumers of our website. In this cPanel interface, we can modify everything related to our website.

  • WHM cPanel - This interface is administrative and designed for web hosting providers. Through it, the content of our server can be organized, as well as the collection and classification of data in the hosting.

We already have an idea of ​​what cPanel is and some of its functions. But, what exactly is this control panel for?

hosting service

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What is cPanel for?

The main objective of the storage control panel or cPanel Hosting is to centralize the control of websites and, thus, be able to execute the services offered by the host of our website.

Many of us, when creating our website, whether for our company or a blog as a personal project, we think of WordPress, the most used CMS worldwide because it is free, easy to use, and with great advantages. According to the information provided on the official page of this popular CMS, " 42% of the web has been created with WordPress", which tells us how much users use this tool.

But what does cPanel have to do with WordPress? A lot, since this administration and maintenance software works as a control panel to manage WordPress sites, this giant of the CMS.

With cPanel, we can manage our websites, regardless of whether they are located on different web hosting servers. in this way, we will be able to access them without any difficulty, thanks to the internal configuration tools of this Control Panel. Likewise, we can make different modifications and review the different configuration levels of our websites.

The cPanel will always be associated with a web hosting account, that is, the contracted hosting service will offer the cPanel host service, as well as a wide variety of resources and functions, which make this control panel an indispensable tool for the management of our website.

Among the main functions that cPanel offers us, we have the possibility of: 

  • Publish websites.

  • Manage domains.

  • Organize web files.

  • Create email accounts.

Now you are aware of how easy it is to create a free website in WordPress, having tools like cPanel at your fingertips. Of which we will take the opportunity to mention some of its advantages (yes, it has more advantages than those mentioned above).

Advantages of cPanel

Among the advantages that we can find with this tool, are the following:

1. Easy to use

This is one of the most important features, since the interface of this Control Panel is extremely simple and intuitive, you should not have a master's degree in cPanel. 

2. Save money

Although this web control panel is not free, it is one of the platforms to manage websites with the best prices on the market. There are three plans that we can choose: 

  • Admin : it has a cost of $ 20 per month and we can manage 5 accounts. This plan is ideal for companies that are in their initial phase.

  • Pro : In this plan we can manage 30 accounts, it is ideal for growing medium-sized companies, it has a monthly cost of $ 30

  • Premier : The ideal plan for large companies, such as data centers, large hosting companies, and large-scale companies. It has a monthly cost of $ 45 and we can manage 100 accounts.  

3. Certificate

There are more than 728 companies that use cPanel worldwide.

4. Guides and tutorials

This platform has tutorials to teach us step by step how to perform procedures that we do not understand, in the same way its support center is online 24 hours a day to help us solve problems with our account. 

cpanel hosting

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Disadvantages of cPanel

Now, not everything is rosy with this tool, because we must bear in mind that it also has its B side. Do you want to know the disadvantages of cPanel?

1. Functions

For many, the sheer number of functions that we can access with cPanel for the maintenance and administration of our website can be overwhelming and bewildering. 

2. Easy mistakes

By having a simple and easy-to-use interface, we can unintentionally change a configuration of our website and disorganize our content and information.

cpanel metrics

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How does cPanel work? 

The operation of cPanel is something extremely simple and practical, and this will depend on the different functions that we have at our disposal, although they all respond to the same platform, each one of them is focused on carrying out a specific job.

cPanel is specially designed to manage hosting accounts individually, that is, separate from the server. When we enter the platform through the WHM of a hosting service reseller, we will be able to manage all the end-user options on our website.

When starting in cPanel for the first time we will see reflected metrics of the use of our CPU, the consumption of our memory and the internal storage at our disposal. These metrics allow us to have a clear idea of ​​the resources used on our computer.

This is the first function that cPanel offers us when entering, which allows us to constantly monitor the performance of our website, but this is only a small part of all the functions that we can access. 

But, what are all these functions that we will have access to in this web hosting software and how does each of them work? The functions or modules of this web hosting are very varied and each of them is focused on performing a specific task within the structure of the web page, from the initial configuration to the final configuration that reaches our users.

1. Metrics

Maintaining a constant evaluation of our website is extremely important and, with the help of cPanel metrics,  we will have access to information that is very useful to keep our website in proper working order.

Within the metrics we can see the amount of errors that our website has when opening external links, loading 100% content, visitor traffic, as well as a bandwidth test and the estimated time of full load of our page.

2. Security

The most important point for every programmer and web designer is security, especially in web pages that contain financial information, personal data, user names and passwords, with this function, the security of our website will always be under surveillance, avoiding any failure and data theft.

Having a web hosting tool like cPanel that allows us to be in constant surveillance of the security of our server is something extremely essential for our peace of mind and the peace of mind of our clients. 


3. Web applications

With the web application tool we can install and have access to different CMS, such as: WordPress or Drupal. This function will allow us to manage the different platforms on which we have a registered website from a single place.

4. Databases

When our website uses a content management system, with different layers of security and different resources, the database servers make an appearance to collect all this information.

One of the database software used by cPanel is MySQL, a database administration, classification, management, and development system, and the different types of databases that we use on our website.

These are some of the most important functions that we will have access to when using this hosting tool to keep our website in optimal condition.

web hosting

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Alternatives to cPanel

cPanel is one of the most complete and popular web hosting software among web programmers, however, it is not the only option that we will find in the world of digital storage.

There are thousands of alternatives to manage our web storage and the safest thing is that you know some of these. But what is the best option? Each hosting service provider company is unique and you should inquire about their services to be able to choose the best option, according to your needs. 

Among the alternatives for cPanel we have:

  • Nexcess

  • Hostinger

  • Plesk

  • Mochahost

  • StableHost

In summary, cPanel is an extremely simple, practical, and ideal system for the complete management of our website, from the most basic, to the most specialized and complex. The management of our page should be the most important thing for us since having a successful website translates into our growth.

A control panel like cPanel is a guarantee of security, success, and results thanks to the wide variety of functions it offers us, as well as being one of the most dynamic and practical web hosting software to use.

And so far our post! If you want to expand your knowledge of cPanel and other similar tools, we invite you to enroll in our web development and online technology courses, which are specially designed for you to become an expert in web development and programming. Good Luck!

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