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Complete info about smoke solus kit


Complete info about smoke solus kit  | complete guide 
Complete info about smoke solus kit
Complete info about smoke solus kit 

Smoke Solus Kit represents the true extract of both design and production, it falls with a 3ml vape juice range, help to refill your load via the side aperture. According to the air tube, when you suck in Solus by the smooth mouthpiece, it hits your taste swell with nutrients, as well as conduct a smoother vapor. It also directly separates the magnet from the bottom of the pod, which produces the benefits for removal and replacement. It first starts its ride about the mod of Solus like Uwell Caliburn AK2

Provide the 700mAh built-in battery with the fast input voltage of 4.2 V, it helps the all-day use. It uses an express and wonderful LED indicator to play the role of observer and prompt, shining in different conditions represents different information: when you begin and end with your kit, it will shine. Shine two times when you vaping over 10 times because of the 10S over the vaping defense. 

 Flashing when you are charging by the micro USB relation, and shine to prompt you of full charge. Solus characteristics direct suck in by impulsive work by the air press, convey a trouble-free experience. All these characteristics have progressed forward in vaping and are going to amaze you once you hand it. It has an output voltage of 3.0V to 3.6V. It has a resistance range is about 0.8 ohm to 3.0 ohm. It has a charging voltage of 5V and a charging current of Max 0.5A. It uses Aluminium and PCTG material. It has a 0.9-ohm mesh coil. 

The platypus mouthpiece makes the leakage less. Smok Solus Kit Uwell Caliburn A2  has a button-free vaping system. It has a solid magnetic connection. Smok Solus Kit has a rechargeable battery. The Smok Solus The kit is the new expensive pod system in the vape market, but smok also made satisfied it was cheap. In the conspire department, the body of this setup is built with aluminum and is hand size to make it eye-catching, even burdenless to transfer everywhere. 

There are six color are also accessible for this tiny vape kit. The color may be black, grey, silver, blue/ purple, cyan/ pink, gold/ red. Internal the Solus, you will find a powerful 700mAh battery that is said to produce reliable power and provide sufficient flavor from your special vape juices. And refresh, the cell via the bottom USB-C haven that is sure to first off the battery fully fast. And the Smok Solus Pod Kit is also without the clip, make it more carefully than most vape kits out there. If you draw a breathe, directly pull out on the mouthpiece. If you want to see the best online vape store then vape sourcing is best for you.

To make clear you are always safe when using this setup, there is a 10-second vaping guarding system. A blue position light on the front tells you as to the current position of your Solus. The pod cover at the peak and joins to the mod part with relief.

 A strong attractor keeps this cylinder in place, so far it is simple to remove even so. Smok Solus Kit collection produces Solus Mod, Solus Mesh 0.9 Ω shell and Manual.

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