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Buying Domain Names : How much does a web domain cost?


Buying Domain Names: How much does a web domain cost? Tips for planning your budget

Before you start buying domain names process you wanted to know how much does a web domain cost? If you are one of those who are starting in the world of digital entrepreneurship, this is one of the first questions that surely come to your mind, because as you already know, a web domain is a name or phrase that people will type in their devices to visit your site and learn about your proposal. 

So if you are planning your budget to start in the business world, it is likely that thinking about how much a web domain costs is not the only question you have, questions such as why are some domains cheaper than others? or where is it better for me to buy a domain? they are also presenting themselves to you on the way. 

In any part of the world to acquire a web domain you must take into account that the price will depend on the needs and objectives that you propose with your website, as well as the budget that you dedicate to it. Therefore, in this article, we tell you how much a web domain costs and we give you some tips so that acquiring it is not a problem. 

Get paper and pencil ready and don't miss any details! 

Why are there price differences in the domains?

The difference between lies prices on the reputation of each of the domains, for example, the System Domain Name in English "Domain Name System" (DNS), ie extensions of normal domains, enjoy a different reputation. This is reflected in the same way in the price. 

While extensions such as .com or .es belong to the most popular domain extensions, therefore, they are more expensive, and thus, little by little new top-level domains, in English "Top Level Domain" (TLD), are appearing. 

There are also differences in the providers of web domains, where the difference in prices is not evident, but they do have special offers from time to time. It is true that price is not the only detail when choosing a domain provider, but it is worth comparing them when making a decision. 

In order for you to understand what you are paying for, we briefly explain the format of a web domain: each one is made up of different components, which together result in what is technically called a Fully Qualified Domain Name ( FQDN). 

If you check the browser space, you will see that a domain starts from left to right and after the protocol (usually https: //), then the name and then the extension, for example, https://www.saeedeveloper.com, where SaeedDeveloper is the name and .com is the extension.

domain extensions for the page Image: Pixabay

How much does a web domain cost?

To understand how much a web domain costs, not only the price is important, it is also essential to differentiate between free addresses or domains already awarded. In the second case, the prices can be much higher, this depends on the demand, and as long as the awarded domain is for sale. However, for many users, the prices of the domains that are still free are more interestingThese depend solely on the desired top-level domain.

In the case of the older top-level domains, they are, in comparison, much cheaper, that is, they will be your first option if you are starting in the business world and if your budget is much smaller. 

However, keep in mind that many combinations here are already awarded. New TLDs offer much more variety. Alternatives to .es domains may be better suited to a specific offering. A .io domain is very appropriate, for example, for IT startups.

To give you a better idea of ​​the costs in the industry, in the following list we show you price ranges of some of the most used internet domains, taking into account figures that the main providers in Colombia handle and the rate worldwide:

Domain extension

Price range

(COP, annual billing)




From $ 10,399 to $ 65,000 approx.

$ 11 per year


From $ 5,000 to $ 112,000 approx.

$ 18 per year


From $ 30,000 to $ 94,000 approx.

15 USD per year


From $ 40,500 to $ 62,000 approx.

$ 14 per year


From $ 37,300 to $ 72,000 approx.

$ 13 per year


From $ 29,600 to $ 113,000 approx.

USD 17 per year

.X and Z

From $ 3,600 to $ 67,000 approx.

10 USD per year


From $ 3,600 to $ 235,000 approx.

$ 22 per year

Keep in mind that each web domain provider has its own pricing standards, renewal fee, and additional services, such as domain privacy and protection, which are what prevent identity theft. But finally, the cost of the web domain will depend on the needs you have with your page.  

Now, if your budget is short and what you want to have on a website that reflects the main idea of ​​your brand, it is recommended that you train with web development courses to fulfill the dream of having a place on the Internet.  

What factors determine the price of a web domain?

To know how much a web domain costs you must consider three main factors:

  • The domain extension of your choice.
  • The place and availability of purchase.
  • The plan you select.

The domain extension you choose 

For a person to be able to visit you, you must have a web address, for this, you must choose a domain name, one that you probably already have in mind and that is surely related to the name of your business or the product or service you offer. Likewise, you need a domain extension that will go to the end of your web address.

Experts in digital marketing compare the creation of a domain with giving a first and last name to a web page. An example is the domain name of the page you are reading now: 

Obviously, a domain name ending in .com is not the same as one with .mx or .travel. This is because there are several types of web domains:

  • Third-level domain: subdomain, refers to a subsection, mostly for www web pages.
  • Top-level domains (TLD): they are the best known since the internet exists. Examples: .com, .net and .org.
  • Geographic Top Level Domains (ccTLDs): These extensions correspond to a specific country, city, or geographic area. Examples: .co (Colombia), .nyc (New York) or .lat (Latin America).
  • Second-level domains: these are the combinations of a TLD with a country extension. Example: .com.mx.
  • Generic top-level domains (gTLDs): these are called new domain extensions, and these are endings that regularly have to do with specific activities or industries. For example: .club, .vip, .shop, etc. 

As we show you in the table, sometimes the most common domain extensions, like .com or .com.mx, can be cheaper, as opposed to the newer generic domains like .app or .design, which tend to be more expensive. All this will depend on the popularity and the time that each one has been in the market. 


The place and availability of purchase

When thinking about how much a web domain costs, you also have to think that the one you want is available. For this, we advise you to go to a web domain provider since it is the fastest, safest and cheapest way to acquire a domain name, surely the perfect one for your brand.  

Now, you must bear in mind that web domains have existed since 1985 and that if you choose a very common one, it is most likely that it is already in use or is already set aside by well-known domainers or domain investors, who use the resale of themselves as a business. 

And it is that acquiring a domain not only leads to thinking about the question of how much does a web domain costYou should also think about how to buy a domain and where to buy it. There are a number of aspects beyond that. For example, sometimes it happens that the exact domain name you are looking for is already taken or it is a premium domain name in which its acquisition is usually very expensive, more than that of a normal domain. 

Faced with this, we advise you to go to a domain management service that negotiates for you (such as a real estate broker) or also to after-sales pages (also known as Domain Auctions) so that you can make a direct offer to the owner of the registry.

Still, if you don't want to pay more because your budget doesn't fit, we recommend trying a different spelling or similar words until you find something that fits what you're looking for. 

The plan you select

To acquire a web domain and guarantee that no one else uses your web address, you must register the domain through a purchase plan, that is, you must hire a service for a year, two or more, a time that allows you to adjust to being able to hire it for a longer time when it comes time for renewal.  

It is important that you inform yourself well of the service for which you will pay since not all costs and services are always easy to recognize with the naked eye. Here we explain some: 

  • Next Year Costs - Typically, people go for a long-term domain. It is normal for suppliers to offer offers in the first year that are not valid from the second. This should be taken into account in your budget planning.
  • Installation costs: some providers have a single price for the registration or installation of the web domain that is generally low, however, it is necessary that you review it before acquiring it. 
  • Self-renewal: domains are normally registered for one year, but some providers renew the contract automatically at the end of the year if it is not canceled in advance. So if you don't pay attention to it, the renovation may take you by surprise. Although this system guarantees that neither the domain nor the web page disappear suddenly and that no one can use it. 
  • Multi-domain offers: It may be worth acquiring more than one domain. For this, registrars often offer special rates. In this case, it is advisable to take domains that go very hand in hand with yours, thus ensuring entry to your page, you just have to make sure that they all land in the same direction. 
  • All-inclusive packages: many domain providers also offer hosting packages. So if you're looking for a website, email, and SSL certificate, you might want to consider purchasing an all-inclusive package.

But if what you want is to build the website you want yourself, we recommend that you take the online course to create pages in WordPress"Here you will get all the tools and knowledge you need to create web pages from scratch," says Sergio Agamez Negrete, web developer.

In addition, we leave you a web design template that will help you create your next page, you just have to download it. 

domain extensions of the web pagesImage: Pixabay

Now that you have a broader idea of ​​how much a web domain costs and what it takes to acquire one, don't hesitate to get the one that best fits your budget and shows what your brand is. 

Remember that if the web domain you want is not available, you can try other names, choose other extensions, buy them through a domainer or even go to a domain manager to help you negotiate with the current owner.

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