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30 Roblox games: That will make you a gamer in minutes!



30 Roblox games: That will make you a gamer in minutes!

The games Roblox have become the trend in recent months. The page receives billions of millions of visits and its games have acquired impressive notoriety. But will these games be worth it?

If you entered the platform or have heard about it, but do not dare to leave for fear of the unknown, we assure you that your fears are unfounded. Roblox offers a wide catalog of products, at your fingertips, so leisure hours are guaranteed.

In this post, we are not going to teach you what Roblox is or how to play RobloxWe will not even address the number of users Roblox has per month (although we assure you that it is very high). What we have to offer you are the 30 Roblox games that you cannot miss this 2021. Join us!


1. MeepCity

We couldn't talk about Roblox games, not to mention the most popular of them all. This simulator is one of the most entertaining and complete that you will see on this platform, so pay attention.

In this Roblox game you will be able to create your character (normal), choose his clothing (also normal), buy his home (Where have you seen this before?), Have his pet (you are already understanding where he is going ...) relate to the others, among other strategies. Yes, it has a similar style to The Sims.

The good thing is that we can meet people and organize meetings with our teammates (among other things). Over 7 billion views speak for themselves, so you know you can't pass up this Roblox game.

game roblox meepcity

2. SharkBite

Here we find a very unique Roblox game. The dynamic is that one of the players will be the one who controls a very dangerous shark, while the rest are humans who must escape by boat in the sea.

How can humans escape? For this mission, the other players have various weapons to face the rest while the shark must kill them all before ending up hunted. One of the best Roblox games that you can get on the market.

game roblox sharkbite

3. Jailbreak

This is one of the Roblox games with the simplest and purest dynamics, that we have played all our lives: Jailbreak is based on the traditional Police and Robbers , only in free online software, in addition to being able to move through different scenarios.

The dynamics of this Roblox game is simple: one group is the policemen and the other is the thieves. The latter use any trick to escape from the forces of law and carry out robberies and other criminal acts. 

Give it a try, as this is one of the most popular Roblox games on the platform ... because it's really good!

game roblox jailbreak

4. Dungeon Quest

Are you a fan of role-playing games (RPG)? Then this is one of the Roblox games that you cannot miss. With a style very similar to works like Diablo or World of Warcraft, you must join a group of players to face the various dungeons along the way and face various dangers.

In this Roblox game you will find everything: 

  • Enemies.

  • Creatures.

  • Final bosses.

The key to this simulation is working as a team with your teammates and exploiting everyone's skills. One of the most entertaining Roblox games, so you can't miss this opportunity.

game roblox dungeon

5. The Wild West

We already said about Dungeon Quest that it had a similarity to Diablo, didn't we? Well, it can be said that The Wild West is the "Roblox version" of Red Dead Online.

In essence, you are in an open world, set in the Old West, in which you must fulfill a series of missions , being the sheriff of the town or a careful bounty hunter, while facing other players. There is no loss with this Roblox game!

roblox wild west game

6. Counter Blox

As you can see, The Sims, Diablo or Red Dead Online have their replica in Roblox. But, do you know what other legendary game is represented on the platform ?: Counter strike!

Counter Blox is a free Roblox game, which works almost identically to the Counter Strike of a lifetime . The point is that it is not available to any user, but you must be at least 20 days old to access it.

game roblox counter blox

7. Air Force Simulator

One of the best Roblox games, hands down. Here, you must face bots on a battlefield but, despite the simplicity of this premise, it has its advantages.

First of all, this is one of the most interactive Roblox games with its users, since you can choose both the conflict in which you will fight and the time. In addition, you will have weapons and vehicles at your disposal, in what is one of the games most valued by users.

game roblox air force

8. Piggy

As charming as the name sounds, this is one of the most scary Roblox games for the player (whether we are playing alone or not). This survival horror will make you think twice, because you must survive in a mansion, where a very dark and unfriendly creature lives . So don't say we didn't warn you!

In this application, one of the players controls the villain, while the others must run away and avoid meeting him. Many hours of vice ... and a few scares in between.

roblox piggy game

9. Sundown Island

This is one of the most endearing Roblox games, as it encompasses both pet breeding and a fantasy RPG. What is it about? You must create and customize a wolf, with which you will explore a very large open world, even being able to locate other players who go in packs.

The point is basic and simple: collaborate with wolves, create and manage packs and clans, level up (classic in any RPG) and, of course, combat. It's a very complete Roblox game. See complete details about when did Roblox come out 

roblox sundown island game

10. Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand

Are you surprised to see Dragon Ball on a Roblox game list? Well yes, one of the characteristics of this platform is that you can find many other games that imitate other licenses. And that's how we have Goku and company here.

This fighting title is based on the anime by Akira Toriyama, considered one of the 25 best anime in history according to the specialized portal IGN, but seen from a more ... cubic way. You will have the possibility to select players from the saga and fight against your enemies using ki, fighting combos, dispersal tactics ... And the popular Kamehameha!

game roblox dragon ball

11. Natural Disaster Survival

If you are a fan of survival, this is one of the Roblox games that you will treasure forever. Basically, you will have to find a way to survive various natural disasters that you will get on your way , crazy!

The key is to take care of the places where you walk, jump or run. And if you are the last survivor ... You will have won!

roblox natural disaster game

12. Tower of Hell

This is one of the Roblox games that you cannot pass up. The premise is simple: you must ascend the towers that, in reality, will be obstacle courses! And with the difficulty that you will have other players in competition, who will try to make you fall at any cost.

If you are a fan of character styles and designs, in this Roblox game you will have many opportunities to customize your design and choose the outfit of your choice.

roblox tower hell game

13. Murder Mystery 2

You will find a real gem with this Roblox game. The dynamics are simple: follow the pattern of Detective - Murderer - Victim, so players must guess who is guilty of the crime.

Essentially, one player will be the Sheriff, another the Assassin, and the rest of the characters will be Victims. And the only one who will have a weapon to take down the murderer is the Sheriff! It is a lot of fun, although you will end up distrusting everything that moves. You are ready?

game roblox murder mystery

14. Zombie Stories

The plot of this Roblox game is more than sung: it is about zombies. But what kind of zombie game is it? Simple: individually or collectively (with up to 5 players) you must take down the hordes of zombies, using the great arsenal that you will have.

Each player will have the possibility to choose a class, which will give them a series of unique abilities and the handling of a specific type of weapon.

game roblox zombie stories

15. Project Lazarus: ZOMBIES

In the same vein of the zombies, we bring you this game in which the mission will be ... (guess what) repel hordes of zombies! The fun thing is that you can unlock new areas, as you free areas of zombies and you can optimize your character and improve it, thanks to its level system.

Although its modality is quite simple, you will be captivated. It is one of the Roblox games that has it all in one: shooter, survival, zombies, weapons, friendships ... You will not be able to stop playing!

game roblox zombie lazarus

16. Flee the Facility

Another follower of the popular Piggy we mentioned earlier. Although, in reality, this Roblox game is inspired by Day by Daylight.

In this horror game, you must collaborate with other survivors to open the doors and escape to the exit. Bulk tension and suspense, you'll see a game alert your senses in ways you never thought possible. Pay attention to your back!

roblox facility game

17. Banana Eats

Never has a game involving a banana given so much to talk about. In this Roblox game, you will have to stay alive from the terrible Banana, who has proposed to end your life (in the game, obviously).

What is the idea of ​​the game? Survive until time runs out, solving puzzles and levels along the way. But if Banana manages to catch up with you ... Danger!

roblox banana game

18. Restaurant Tycoon 2

Leaving the wave of Roblox games about massacres and terror, we come to this restaurant simulator, in which you will have the opportunity to create your own business, as well as serve real customers, and earn money! 

You can not only manage your restaurant but also take orders or cook ingredients. So, unless you panic about startups that make you grow, you have nothing to fear with this Roblox game.

roblox restaurant tycoon game

19. Adopt Me!

This Roblox game was a resounding success since its release. The dynamic is simple: you can decide between being a father / mother or being a baby, which will generate a series of hilarious situations, which you will not be able to stop watching.

Being a father or mother, you will have to make sure that your baby eats, is neat and clean, sleeps well, among other tasks. But, as a baby, you can play very fun minigames like a swing not suitable for the faint of heart or an obstacle course. This game leaves no one indifferent!

game roblox adoptme

20. Welcome to Bloxburg

Another of the Roblox games that is very similar to The Sims. You will have absolute freedom to create and design your character, build and decorate your house (in addition to the always interesting interactions with others).

Its strong point is the extensive customization catalog. Don't miss the opportunity to download Roblox and play this simulator!

game roblox bloxburg

21. Anime Fighting Simulator

In the same vein as the Roblox game that we previously presented about Dragon Ball, we have this anime fight simulator, in which you can find many characters, inspired by your favorite works.

You can be Naruto, Luffy or the character of your choice, with which you will train and enhance their skills to defeat the bosses of each dimension. You can not lose this!

game roblox anime fighting

22. Theme Park Tycoon 2

This is one of the Roblox simulation games that is best rated by users. One of its great attractions is that you will have the opportunity to design an amusement park with your friends!

You will be able to design the entertainment of your dreams and build the attractions that you most want in the world. Make the funniest creations!

game roblox theme park

23. My Restaurant!

Another restaurant Roblox game. In the same vein of Restaurant Tycoon 2, you will have to handle all the aspects that are related to the business.

From buying kitchen equipment and hiring cooks to decorating. And if you play regularly, the game rewards you with customization options and recipes!

roblox restaurant game

24. Pet Simulator 2

This is one of the Roblox games that pet fans will love. Here you will have the opportunity to interact with pets or players, with whom you can do various actions.

A key aspect of this simulator is choosing your pet and improving it. You will also have the option of taking in other pets over time. For the friendly pets!

roblox pet simulator game

25. All Star Tower Defense

Another one of the Roblox games involve anime characters. On this occasion, the characters of your favorite Japanese comics must defend their base from the enemy attack.

Basically, these Roblox games are tower defense with anime characters. However, as you progress through Story mode, the degree of difficulty will increase. Keep this in mind!

roblox all star game

26. Hide and Seek Extreme

Hide and search. The classic game of hide and find players in its version of Roblox game . Go back to your childhood with this fun game, and have hours of fun!

To give excitement, this is one of the Roblox games in which you will have special abilities to not make the game so easy for others. So, look!

game roblox hide seek

27. World of Magic

Another RPG among these top Roblox games. Being a role-playing game, you will find all the tools of these types of modality. You can:

  • Create clans.

  • Level up.

  • Finish quests.

  • Fight against other players.

In addition, it offers you the option of being a sorcerer of good or evilChoose wisely!

game roblox world of magic

28. Super Power Fighting Simulator

Another Roblox game that involves fighting. In this case, your goal is to train to unlock super powers and become the most powerful warrior (almost nothing).

The idea is that better attributes like Strength, Stamina, etc. You can also complete missions and obtain the desired powers, such as laser vision or energy shields. We already know how Superman got his wide repertoire of superpowers!

game roblox power fighting

29. Work at a Pizza Place

This is one of the Roblox games that delivers what it promises: neither more nor less than ... You work in a pizzeria!

The game is about working in a specific pizzeria, in the work chosen by the players themselves . Of course, whatever you do, you must help the pizzeria grow.

roblox world pizza game

30. Scuba Diving at Quill Lake

Another of the Roblox games that cover simulation. In them, you must immerse yourself in a new world, in which you must explore and reach remote places and obtain great treasures!

There are many mysteries to discover, so we recommend only one thing in the game: Do not stop exploring!

game roblox quill lake

The advancement of the gamer world is a reality. New trends in gaming are constantly emerging that captivate users (amateurs and pros). Even, as you can discover in our online course on League of Legends competitive with Future, Professor Cristian Duarte explains to us how many players are using " external tools to analyze game patterns ".

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