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How to learn to bet on a cricket: 3 rules


 How to learn to bet on a cricket: 3 rules

Sports betting allows you to improve your financial situation in a short time, using the services of a trusted bookmaker. Newcomers to the sport are better off choosing a sport that has a lot of coverage in the sports press. This will allow you to better track changes in the command lineup, get detailed analytics, and make a more accurate forecast of how the next match might end. Various strategies can be used for betting today. It will not be superfluous to start by taking a closer look at the quotes and getting an idea of ​​how exactly they are formed. After that, you need to figure out the main rules for choosing a cricket bet.

What do you need to remember about cricket betting?

Winning a match for one of the teams depends on several factors. Among them, it is necessary to highlight such an aspect as the result of the draw. The first attack in the match belongs to the national team, which is determined by the referee by tossing a coin. Determining the attacking side by drawing lots may change the outcome of a fight between clubs. The team that got the right to attack first in a level 1 match gains an advantage over the opponent since the first attack will be carried out by fresh players on a new field and a completely new ball. It should be borne in mind that no one changes the balls in cricket when wear appears. The substitution procedure is provided only after 80 overs if this number is provided for in the match.

It is easier for a batsman to hit the balls while the field is level and has not had time to wear out during the match. For this reason, the attacking dash made by the team that wins the toss usually allows the initiative to be maintained throughout the match. Some betting pros choose live cricket betting for this reason, which makes it possible to know the exact name of the team starting the first attack.

Weather conditions and their effect on a cricket match

It is difficult to imagine a sport more dependent on weather conditions than cricket. Here, the weather can decide the outcome of a test match, and primarily affects its duration, since, after the rain starts, the game stops. For this reason, professional bettors always consider the weather factor before placing a bet. If the weather forecasts rain on the day of the game, then there is a high probability that the match will be shortened in length. In English cricket, matches of 3 or 5 days are almost always interrupted by rain.

Taking into account all the above factors, the bettor can make his first bet in cricket using the site https://parimatch.in/cricket. It is not by chance that the bookmaker has earned a high reputation among its audience, as it invariably:

  • offers a wide line;
  • improves the interface;
  • provides betters with high quotes.

You can place sports bets on the website at any convenient time using your laptop or smartphone.

Field factor and its importance in cricket

The regulations in cricket continue to change actively, so the peculiarities of the field on which the game will take place should also be taken into account. Stadiums may use different pitch coverings. This is often an earthen surface or short lawn. At the same time, there are also fields with a long lawn or areas where the type of coverage depends on the season. If the game takes place in Cape Town or Adelaide, then it should be borne in mind that slow pitches are common here. This leads to the fact that the batsman can make a really good hit. Fast pitches with adequate coverage are common in Australian cricket, so the bowler's capabilities are fully exploited. It becomes much more difficult to work offensively on such a surface.

The type of coverage often depends on the weather conditions in the country. For example, in areas with low humidity or thin mountain air, the ball can travel a significant distance faster, so it is easier for athletes to earn rare 6-point shots. Bowlers like to play on dry courts, for whom it is easier to get a twisted shot. Over time, the pitches wear out, which becomes especially noticeable if the game lasts several days as part of a test match. A perfectly flat pitch gives the bowler an advantage, but for the batsman, these conditions pose a problem as the ball's bounce becomes unpredictable.

In cricket, it is difficult to bet on points per inning. You can see a tendency when teams show the highest results in the first innings, and then they start to fall and from 400 points in the first innings can fall to 150 in the last. If a team is subject to such a trend, then you can predict its performance for the TM or TB rate.

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