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5 Step Guide on How To Hold The Best Virtual Interviews


A 5 Step guide on How To Hold The Best Virtual Interviews

How To Hold The Best Virtual Interviews: a 5 Step Guide
A 5 step guide how to hold the best virtual interviews

The offices and businesses are continuing to reopen after a really long time. And that is obviously with all the possible safety measures and precautions. Around the world, 81% of the talent professionals state that virtual recruiting will go on post-COVID.

On the other hand, 70% say that virtual interviews not only will continue but also become the new standard as per the future recruiting reports. Many companies are also taking assistance from X0PA AI Pte Ltd in order to conduct seamless virtual interviews. 

A 5 Step Guide To Hold The Best Virtual Interviews

Though you will get several platforms and professional organizations, which are ready to help you in doing virtual interviews. Here, I will guide you with the 5 simple steps. You can easily hold the best virtual interviews by following these steps and hire the perfect employee.

Set Up A Process

Setting up a proper process of how the virtual interview will run along with communicating with your teammates and, of course, can diabetes clearly and thoroughly is the first thing that you need to do. You and your talent acquisition teammates have to be on the same page.

Decide whether the whole process will be done remotely or it will also include an in-person interviewing part. Next, you need to make sure that everything is in the proper loop, which is a bit challenging. Along with this, documenting the whole thing correctly and informing your candidate is a must. 

Line Up The Necessary Technology

In case you have not conducted any video conferencing before, do not worry, as there are a lot of options that you can utilize. Some of those are Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, and Cisco Webex Meeting that are mostly used. 

For minimizing the technical hiccups along with maximizing the candidate experience, before your interview, do a video test run. You need to ensure that the signal is strong enough and your camera and mike are working properly so that the candidate can properly see and hear you.  

Share Expectations, Timeline, And Names Of The Interview

After letting your candidates know that their interviews will be taken virtually, provide them with all the necessary details of the interview just the way, you will do for an in-person interview. Here are some things that you should share with your candidates. 

  • Useful tips on how to access the specified videoconferencing technology. In case they need to download any particular software, also let them know. 
  • Tell your candidate about the expectation of your team. For example, whether they will be asked to share any work samples or solve any problem on the spot. 
  • Share the proper timeline that well details the starting and approximate ending time of the interview, the names and titles of the persons the candidate is going to meet during the interview. 

Choose A Clean, Quiet, And Well Lit Space

In order to show that you are taking the interview as seriously as your candidate, ensure a perfect spot. Whether you are in the office or in your bedroom, make sure to keep the place clean and free from anything distracting in the background. 

Go to a quiet place that will allow you and your candidate to have a peaceful conversation without any sort of interruption. Select a well-lit room that also has control of outside light. Both too little and too much light will make it difficult to see. 

Develop Standardized Interview Questions

Though it is a virtual interview, you need to be well prepared with the standardized interview questions. After all, it is an interview, and you need to make an assessment of the candidate before hiring him or her. 

You can take help from those institutions that offer ready-made questions for interviews, which can be used both for virtual and in-person interviews. Or you also can develop standardized interview questions. 

Final Tips

These are the steps that you need to follow while conducting virtual interviews. Always remember the challenges, and you need to plan your interviews as per them. Also, make sure that your candidates have all the necessary details. 

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