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Best Smartphones that Have An Always-on Display!


Best Smartphones that Have An Always-on Display!

Best Smartphones that Have An Always-on Display!
Best Smartphones that Have An Always-on Display!

As smartphone technology is getting more and more advanced, we are able to have even more features that were never there before. Nowadays, with the technology of Always on Display, you can check your phone for the notifications and time at any moment you'd like, without having to reach for the phone every time or keeping the phone screen perpetually active. Always on Display is being slowly seen on more and more phones and is soon going to become a mandatory feature to have.

How Does an Always-on Display Work?

The concept of a phone with an always-on display is very simple. Normally, when you lock the screen while putting it away, you are unable to see or access any information from your phone. However, keeping your phone's screen up and running all the time, just so you can see the time and notifications is a bit wasteful too. You will drain your battery too fast, the display might be too bright, or there might be some accidental touches if the phone is in your pockets.

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An Always on Display is a perfect compromise between the two possibilities. By dimming the rest of the screen and only illuminating those very specific required pixels individually you save your battery life by not turning on the whole screen, and it also functions for giving you the necessary information at a glance. Currently, hardware-operated Always on Displays is only available on those phones that have an AMOLED screen as the pixels can light up independently. This feature for the pixels is not available in normal IPS LCD screens, so it is very uncommon there.


However, some smartphone manufacturers are able to simulate an always-on display using software even on IPS panels. However, you may also find that even in many phones that have an AMOLED display, the always-on display feature is not available. This can be fixed sometimes by enabling it in the options as it might be turned off by default. Otherwise, your last option is to use a third-party application, but these only lower your overall screen brightness and are not truly always on Displays.

Best Phones with Always on Displays

There are a vast variety of phones that come available with an always-on display. Because of this, it has become so easy to buy always-on display phones from anywhere at your own convenience. This article contains a list of smartphones for various budgets that have a great AMOLED screen and always-on display too!

● Samsung S21 Series

All the phones in this year's Samsung lineup, including the S21, the S21 Pro, and the S21 Ultra all have an always-on display. Because Samsung ships some of the best AMOLED panels out there, it has consistently been providing the always-on display with its phones every year. The S21 Series comes with a Snapdragon 888 processor, which is top of the line. The S21 Ultra has a 108 MP primary camera while the S21 and S21+ have a 64 MP main camera, and more cameras are added in the upper models too. The S21 phones are supposed to be the best flagship devices out there. Although they are expensive, they also stand at the epitome of what you can expect from a mobile phone. So this is a great option for premium users or loyal Samsung phones who want to pick up an amazing phone with an always-on display.

Best Smartphones that Have An Always-on Display!

● OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus is known for creating great and robust phones that provide a lot of value for their cost. Coming in much cheaper than the S21, the OnePlus 9 Pro also has the same Snapdragon 888 processor. It comes with a signature set of cameras that have been made in partnership with the camera manufacturer company Hasselblad. Simply, the OnePlus 9 with its AMOLED display, smooth camera, and sharp performance is a great offering from high-class enthusiasts who are looking for affordable flagships.

Best Smartphones that Have An Always-on Display!

● Mi 11 Ultra

Although it is at the same price as the OnePlus 9 Pro, the Mi 11 Ultra positions itself as the definitive flagship killer. With its powerful Snapdragon 888 Processor and some of the best camera systems out there, the Mi 11 Ultra proves that the best of phones don't necessarily have to come from big-name manufactures. It sports a unique curved bezel AMOLED display that also has an always-on display located on the back panel of the phone. This is a great phone for those who want to move away from premium brands.

Best Smartphones that Have An Always-on Display!

● Realme X7 Pro

Coming in the category of a flagship killer phone, the Realme X7 Pro sports the Dimensity 1000+ processor that is comparable to be one of the best out there. Providing a budget offering for an AMOLED display in the segment also means it has a solid always-on display that shows notifications and the time. For those looking for an attractive mid-range phone, the Realme X7 Pro is a great offering.

Best Smartphones that Have An Always-on Display!

● Moto G 5G

In the budget phone section, the Moto G 5G is an amazing phone that shows that you can even have an always-on display on an IPS screen. Using a Snapdragon 750G, this is one of the first affordable phones that supports 5G networks. With a capable performance and a very well-calibrated camera system, Motorola has made a great phone for budget buyers.

Best Smartphones that Have An Always-on Display!

Sadly, below this budget range, there are very few phones that come with an AMOLED screen. And even those that do have one do not come with this feature out of the box. You will have to manually find ways to enable or install the feature onto the phone, which can be a great hassle for many people.


In conclusion, now that phones with an always-on display are becoming more and more popular, the technology is sure to become very commonly seen in the hands of the customers. It is already possible now to get yourself a phone with a brilliant always-on display no matter what your budget range is!


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