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Are people from Asia placing wagers?


 Are people from Asia placing wagers?

Bookmakers have experienced a surge in popularity all over the world. Asia is no exception. It should always be remembered that this is the most inhabited continent on the planet. This results in a huge number of individuals placing bets in all kinds of sports and events. Probably a lot of people could imagine that live cricket betting is the only activity that people from Asia care about, however, nothing could be further from the truth as we will discuss here. 

Sportsbooks have been making a huge effort in attracting new clients towards their ranks. They have been undergoing some aggressive marketing campaigns in order to make their names as visible as possible everywhere throughout the world. It is fair to say that the results of these campaigns have been quite successful. Let’s review a few facts that can be highlighted regarding the success of the bookmakers all over the world: 

  • sportsbooks have experienced a surge in visitors from Asia;
  • their favorite sports tend to correspond quite well to the most popular sport in each country, for example, it has been observed that people from Asia tend to prefer to place wagers in disciplines like cricket, football, table tennis, or basketball, which are the most popular disciplines in many places in this part of the world;
  • people from Asia tend to be quite persistent in their efforts, as in average, they tend to spend more money in their wagers than their counterparts from other parts around the world;
  • as it happens in the rest of the world, eSports are also growing explosively, meaning that in a few years it could become the most popular discipline in Asia and the rest of the globe! 

However, there is a particular bookmaker that has been extremely pleased with these results. Of course, we are talking about Parimatch. This sportsbook has been extremely successful everywhere around the world, and the people who run the platform have wasted no time in looking at Asia as its next target. It can be said that their bet for this continent has been extremely successful.

Why Parimatch is so appreciated all over Asia

Parimatch has been particularly successful in this part of the world. There are many reasons for this success. First of all, this sportsbook offers an incredibly diverse portfolio of sports disciplines and events. This means that people from all over the world, also from Asia, will be able to find their favorite discipline and sports match and be able to wager on it. 

However, a diverse list of sports is not the only reason why the portal has been so successful. In general, people want to feel welcomed wherever they go, this of course includes Internet websites and sportsbooks. Parimatch has worked hard in ensuring that all its visitors feel as welcome as possible in this place. Not only are their favorite sports and events featured in this place, also there are many additional features that have been highly appreciated by everybody here. 

For example, people will be able to follow all their favorite sports, disciplines and sports topics in general from the comfort of their mobile devices. Not only that, because stellar customer support is provided in a wide variety of languages, including many used in Asia. That’s why it is absolutely possible to state that in the quest of Parimatch for conquering the Asian continent and the potential millions of punters that can be found here, the sportsbook has greatly succeeded. That’s why any person from Asia or anywhere else in the world should consider joining Parimatch

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