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Who is the driving force behind the popularity of my family’s daughter Zhu Xiaohan on Douyin?


Who is the driving force behind the popularity of my family’s daughter Zhu Xiaohan on Douyin?

For more than a month, relying solely on humorous and short-sighted content, @朱晓 has more than 19 million followers on his Douyin account. Fans of the platform have received a lot of praise, and Zhu Xiaohan has also become a good-looking celebrity on the Internet.

Zhu Hanxiao's "Tik Tok" is about the interaction between Xiao Han and his parents. There are two ways for Douyin to operate entertainment: one is for you to provide us with entertainment, the other is for us to do it ourselves and entertain ourselves. Dubsmash is a natural PGC (song) + UGC (video). The father is in front of the camera and the mother is in the voiceover. The role labels of these three people are particularly obvious. Father Dachun is a strict wife, mother is the head of the family, and Xiao Han is a stupid budding daughter. Through these specific characters, he has created a warm and interesting family atmosphere and received a lot of love. Many people think they are real fathers and daughters, but they just belong to a company.

  Zhu Xiaohan added 3 million fans in 5 days and watched the highest video of 60 million. How did he do it? Unique, unique life comedy account, has become an explosive account of Douyin?
  Full account opening + plateau creativity + high fan stickiness, creating a popular family comedy account. Vibrato tutorial ever since the birth of video technology, the range is the world's most popular short video MV, music video, short music video, most of all short video head part. But MV shooting is difficult. There are many people who can pretend to be on the camera at random, and not many people who can talk and sing to the camera anytime and anywhere. However, these alone are not enough to make @朱晓涵 a hugely influential 20 million account, and its success cannot see the hands behind it.

  Who is the promoter of my daughter Zhu Xiaohan's popularity? {+-*/] Behind the more than 10 million Douyin fans, there are MCN boosts, some of which were signed during the "first appearance", and some were directly incubated by MCN. Douyin TrainingThey are all young users. The soundtrack is mainly electronic music and dance music. The video is divided into two schools: dance school and creative school. The common feature is that they have a sense of rhythm. There are also a few users who play lyrical music to show off coffee latte skills, which has become a clear stream of Douyin circles. Therefore, for Zhu Xiaohan, who has nearly 20 million fans, the organization and operation behind it are not lacking. Xiao Han and Dachun, the protagonists in Zhu Xiaohan's works, are actors in the combination of "Laughing Brother-in-law". "Wu Yue" and "Father-in-law" interacted with "Zhu Xiaohan" on Douyin. They said that the car came from the smiling brother-in-law team. Laughing Brother-in-law is an original funny short film, the content is humorous jokes, witty reactions, and indifferent knowledge. The funny videos produced by the play itself have a certain national character, and fans who really love call themselves "sister-in-law". As China's largest GIF map launch platform, the funny content gene naturally has powerful functions.

  Behind [laughing brother-in-law] is China's top ten women's and children's network organizations.

  Xinxing Media is an MCN organization that is mainly responsible for the creation, distribution and marketing of original pan-entertainment short video content. The short films "Zhu Xiaohan" and "Father-in-Law" from the media said that this car and the "car god" are both its operational incubation. For Murong, the founder of New Mobile Media, they have a way to create their own Douyin account.
  On Douyin, short videos are becoming more and more operated by MCN. Without the operation of the organization behind it, it is difficult for an account to get "super traffic".

  However, relying on this organization has both advantages and disadvantages. For "Zhu Xiaohan", the account type and content style of his sister "Wu Yue" are very similar to "Zhu Xiaohan". After all, operating under the support of the same organization is roughly the same way.

  For individuals and MCN organizations, the birth of a passionate person is inseparable from content and operation. In the preparatory work before account operation, follow-up analysis and confirmation, case analysis of the competition and popular styles, content strategy formulation, regular review, etc. are required.
  The popularity of accounts may be accidental, but if you want to use it for a long time, operation is essential.

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