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What preparations do you need to do to run Douyin Blue V account?


What preparations do you need to do to run Douyin Blue V account?

We register for this account. Try to follow the principle of one card, one phone as much as possible, which means to register for Douyin with one mobile phone number, don't use your mobile phone to log in to multiple Douyin numbers, and have the conditions to use as much data as possible. Through our practice summary, this can effectively prevent the account from being restricted by the system, and it also affects the basic weight. At the same time, in the early stage of account operation, try not to directly put the WeChat account into it, and do not frequently modify the signature, so that the operation can be judged by the system as a marketing number.

The full name of II information should be distributed after account registration. I need to improve the basic information of the account as much as possible and increase the basic weight of the account.
Pay attention to four points when giving an account a nickname: easy to understand, easy to remember, location-related, avoid ambiguity, and easy to spread.
Fill in the signature column and introduce your core values ​​or personality in one sentence. The copywriting style needs to be combined with the location of the account.
The shorter the TikTok number, the better. There are certain rules. Don’t use strange symbols. Unlike a personal signature, the TikTok number is the focal point that is easy to remember. After all, users will use the TikTok number to search for you.
  Take a look at this case.
This account has a short nickname, which is easy for users to remember. The personal introduction is more cute. Cute pets eat cats. Cute users will not resist at all!
Third, the content must be vertical to be valuable. Vibrato tutorial ever since the birth of video technology, the range is the world's most popular short video MV, music video, short music video, most of all short video head part. But MV shooting is difficult. There are many people who can pretend to be on the camera at random, and not many people who can talk and sing to the camera anytime and anywhere.
The generated video content should be perpendicular to its own field. Douyin TrainingThey are all young users. The soundtrack is mainly electronic music and dance music. The video is divided into two schools: dance school and creative school. The common feature is that they have a sense of rhythm. There are also a few users who play lyrical music to show off coffee latte skills, which has become a clear stream of Douyin circles. Don't mess up the content. Today I will take pictures of the scenery, and tomorrow I will take pictures of the scenery. The day after tomorrow, the system does not know your account attributes, how to recommend users to you, and users do not know why they should follow you.
Such an account, the content is not vertical enough, messy, and has very few accurate fans, so naturally, there won't be many likes.
In this case, the positioning is very accurate, and what attracts fans is also the users they want. Naturally, the overall praise rate and conversion rate will be high.
  Let us summarize.
  1 machine to 1 smart traffic prevention
  2 data needs to be distributed with complete names
  3 content needs to be vertical values blue V account number part

  Why should I keep this number?

  The purpose of numbering is to increase the weight of the base, mark the required vertical fields, and let the system know more accurately which category you are in, and when posting videos, recommend content to accurate users with the same attribute tags. There are two ways for Douyin to operate entertainment: one is for you to provide us with entertainment, the other is for us to do it ourselves and entertain ourselves. Dubsmash is a natural PGC (song) + UGC (video). This is called the right time to recommend the right content to the right person.

   How to improve the numbers?

The new account spends an hour a day before posting videos to view videos by swiping suggestions or searching, and make sure to see videos that match the main account location. For example, if you are a clothing number, watch more clothing account videos and give likes and high-quality video comments, pay attention to several large accounts in the same field, and increase the activity of your account. three. How to judge whether the increase in numbers is successful?
The general number period is 3-7 days. When we open the homepage of the  Douyin account, the system automatically recommends that 80% of the accounts are of the same type, which is the number of successes. You can post videos.

What should I pay attention to?

 Do not log in and log out frequently; do not use the emulator frequently to avoid location changes; do not modify personal information frequently.

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