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What do you think about Douyin? Who likes himself? Check out the tutorial you like.


What do you think about Douyin or TikTok? Who likes himself? Check out the tutorial you like.

Now playing with Douyin partners, it can be said that you will scan a wave of short videos every day, and you can also like the functions when you see the short videos you like. Like it for your favorite brothers and sisters! So, how do popular partners check those who like themselves? For partners who don’t know, you can check the related tutorials.

  View Like Tutorial: After entering the personal center of Douyin, you can see "Arabic Number + Like" on the left end of the fourth line under the avatar. The popular Douyin platforms on Douyin are generally young users. The soundtrack is mainly electronic music and dance music. The videos are divided into two schools: dance school and creative school. The common feature is that they have a sense of rhythm. There are also a few users who play lyrical music to show off coffee latte skills, which has become a clear stream of Douyin circles. Tik Tok Training Tik Tok is essentially a short music video community focused on young people. Users can select songs and add short videos to form their own works. It is similar to Xiaokaxiu, but the difference is that Douyin users can make videos more creative through video shooting speed, video editing, special effects (repeated, flash, slow motion) and other technologies, instead of simple mouth-to-mouth.

  Then we try to click on this position, a new dialog box will open, only showing the "number of likes", click "OK" to exit this dialog box;
  next, we click on the "message" option
  in the lower right corner; in the newly opened In the interface, we find "like" at the top. This is an interface with a red heart icon. When we find it, click on it. At this time, we found that this is what we were looking for, where we can see all the people who like ourselves, and those whose works are liked.

This is the Douyin shared by the editor. Since the birth of image technology, the most popular short video in the world is MV, music short video, which is the most troublesome part of all short videos. But MV shooting is difficult. There are many people who can pretend to be on the camera at random, and not many people who can talk to the camera anytime and anywhere. Who do you think likes you? Check out the related content of similar tutorials. If you want to know more related information, you can check it out!

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