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On the Reasons of Disbanding Douyin by Using Douyin's Modern Brothers


On the Reasons of Disbanding Douyin by Using Douyin's Modern Brothers

Many friends want to know the reason for the dissolution of Hyundai Brothers. Vibrato tutorial ever since the birth of video technology, the range is the world's most popular short video MV, music video, short music video, most of all short video head part. But MV shooting is difficult. There are many people who can pretend to be on the camera at random, and not many people who can talk to the camera anytime and anywhere. Here is the reason for the dissolution of the modern Douyin Brothers. Interested friends, let’s take a look!

  The latest version of the Douyin series software download the computer version of the Douyin software version: 1.8.1 mobile game computer version check now the multi-software version: 1.8.1 Android software check now the Douyin software version: 1.1 IOS software check now the modern brotherhood Members  The members of the
Modern Brotherhood are first of all five people. There are two ways for Douyin to operate entertainment: one is for you to provide us with entertainment, and the other is for us to do it ourselves and entertain ourselves. Dubsmash is a natural PGC (song) + UGC (video). Douyin training is for young users. The soundtrack is mainly electronic music and dance music. The video is divided into two schools: dance school and creative school. The common feature is that they have a sense of rhythm. There are also a few users who play lyrical music to show off coffee latte skills, which has become a clear stream of Douyin circles. But there are only three people left. Many people know that Hyundai Brothers still use Douyin. Hyundai Brothers has a high popularity and a large number of fans on Douyin, and visually sees the rhythm of the upcoming fire. With their superb singing skills and good looks, Hyundai Brothers quickly accumulated fans. They won the fourth place in 2016 YY Best Singer of the Year and 2017 YY Year Second Place respectively. In 2015, Hyundai Brothers MV "Overwhelming Sea" was officially officially announced. Release, let them smoothly enter the public eye. Why the Modern Brotherhood disbanded

The members of the Modern Brotherhood are first vocalist Xiao Ning, Dayi, guitarist Ah Zhuo, keyboard player Da Fei and Saxophone Sheep. Now, there are already three modern brothers. In fact, it is normal for a band to disband or for members to fly alone. Music is a difficult road, and there are really not many people who can stick to it. Maybe everyone's goals are different, and their ideals are also different. The road will be different.

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