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Modern screening technology makes HR processes more efficient


 Modern screening technology makes HR processes more efficient

If you want to know how modern technology can help you in the workplace look no further than the Human Resources department. In many ways, HR departments in Australia and all over the world have been leading the technological revolution in the workplace. And why not since there are so many programs and services you can use and they all make your work more efficient?

Here’s how modern technology has made HR employees’ work easier and stress free.

Candidate screening software

Advertising for an open position is often a nightmare for the HR. it’s not the responsibility that they mind, but the dozens or hundreds of CVs that they’ll need to go through to fill the position. Or, at least, that’s how it was before modern technology.

Nowadays, most companies ask for electronic CVs and there’s a good reason for it, besides the fact that they dread the idea of having their desks overflowing with papers.

An electronic resume is something that can be easily analyzed using candidate screening tools. These are computer programs that can process hundreds of applications in no time, looking for specific educational qualifications and skills. It’s not the employee that has to read through the mountains of papers. It’s the software that automatically discards those Cvs that do not meet the requirements, taking a lot of work off the shoulders of recruiting agents. 

Automatic interview programming tools

Just like the screening software, other modern tools allow HR managers to keep track of the whole selection process effortlessly. Such tools can automatically schedule phone interviews, first or second job interviews and follow-up talks. These programs are a guarantee there won’t be any embarrassing scheduling mistakes and no one will lose any time waiting. 

Online background check softwares

Making sure a new employee won’t create any problems to the organisation is one of the main responsibilities of the HR manager. Background checks are essential to that. Years ago many HR managers decided to skip police checks because they took too much time, as they had to be handled in person by the candidate dragging himself to the police precinct.

Not anymore. Background checks have become the norm in many Australian businesses because it’s extremely easy to order an online police check via software makers like Australian national character check (ANCC). Most of them use the services of online background check agencies like the ANCC. These online services are accredited with the government so their checks are 100% valid and accurate.

To order a background check all you have to do is go online and fill in the form. It’s just basic identity information and it only takes a few minutes to fill the form. This is not a bother for an experienced HR employee. The results come back via email and you only need to take a look at the police check to see if the candidate has a criminal record or not.

Making sure the new recruit is not a threat is the main benefit, but there’s more to it. Hiring people of a good character is a guarantee you won’t have to hire them in a few weeks or months. This reduces employee turnover and increases overall productivity. Everybody wins. 

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