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How to turn off the beauty video half-price pageant TikTok tutorial


How to turn off the beauty video half-price pageant TikTok tutorial

  Many people now open their LVB on the Douyin app or TikTok. The gameplay of Douyin is not completely new, but this music short video product is gaining momentum: the average daily VV (video playback volume) is over 100 million, and various celebrity internet celebrities have forwarded it, even Kuwo The Douyin hot song list has appeared on online music software such as music, and the Douyin DAU has been in the order of millions. In the LVB process, if you first turn on all your beauty, if you want to turn off half of the beauty during recording, what should you do? Now the editor will teach you the specific operation method!

  How to turn off beauty in half of Douyin or TikTok recording 

      1. There is only one beauty between you and a beautiful woman. Everyone knows that as soon as you enter the shooting interface of Douyin, it will automatically become beautiful! In fact, you can close the view by clicking the position indicated by the arrow!
  2. The simpler way to turn off the filter is to directly use the normal filter without adding filter
  3. Girls who dare to face the camera are the real beauties. Do those Internet celebrities dare to remove makeup and filters to face the audience? A short video introduction:
  1. First, we install the Douyin app on the mobile phone.
  2. Then enter the Douyin short video, click the "+" in the middle of the page, log in to the Douyin short video first, and then you can record the Douyin short video.
  3. Click the "+" in the middle of the Douyin short video page. Tik Tok Training Tik Tok is essentially a short music video community focused on young people. Users can select songs and add short videos to form their own works. It is similar to Xiaokaxiu, but the difference is that Douyin users can make videos more creative through video shooting speed, video editing, special effects (repeated, flash, slow motion) and other technologies, instead of simple mouth-to-mouth.
  4. Then "select music" and select the music of the short vibrato video you want to record. The popular Douyin platforms on Douyin are generally young users. The soundtrack is mainly electronic music and dance music. The videos are divided into two schools: dance school and creative school. The common feature is that they have a sense of rhythm. There are also a few users who play lyrical music to show off coffee latte skills, which has become a clear stream of Douyin circles.
  5. After selecting the music, click "OK to use and start shooting".
  6. [Record short video] page, long press the middle camera to record, you can set the video speed and filter beauty.
  7. After recording the Douyin video, enter the title, you can set the sound and characteristics of the Douyin video, cut the music, and click "Publish" after setting.

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