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How the Google's Upcoming Privacy Settings Will Affect Digital Marketing


 How the Google's Upcoming Privacy Settings Will Affect Digital Marketing

Reviews on a store's website, price comparison platforms, or online forums are as important to e-commerce, as the visualization of advertisements. Nowadays, consumers are increasingly paying attention to the opinions of other buyers, the recognition of the manufacturer and supplier. Perhaps these are the main factors affecting the credibility of an online store. Although it would be fair to say that in recent years, the list of tools for a good marketer has changed a lot. Let's take a closer look at this.

How the Google's Upcoming Privacy Settings Will Affect Digital Marketing

 Automated Platforms for Marketing — How Does it Work?

The profit of many companies depends on how well the promo is thought out. Although creating a colorful video is the first step of any marketing strategy. After all, without the correct targeting, it is unlikely to be effective. This means that the owners of large companies are increasingly not able to do without developers who could use artificial intelligence to automate processes. But how does the system filter the audience and how acceptable are these methods? Let's get into the details.


SEO Algorithms and its Updating

From advertising on Google Ads to product descriptions in an online store, brands need to stand out. This is the main challenge for companies that supply products to global markets. Business owners will be able to improve sales with high-quality product photos or a good video describing every detail of the product. It is also worth focusing on privacy policy. This is because consumers are increasingly inclined to choose sites that use generally accepted encryption algorithms and strictly adhere to the principles of data processing. Over the past few years, Google and other search engines have been actively implementing updates to their search ranking algorithms. This could not but affect digital marketing. The most significant was the following:

  1. Constant updates to the underlying algorithms that occur every few months to improve the performance of the Google system and provide Internet users with the best content.
  2. A Google Medic update that has an impact on the organic ranking of health and fitness sites.
  3. RankBrain, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) used to process search queries to provide the best possible search results.
  4. A Panda was developed to reduce the spread of substandard content on search engines.
  5. Pigeon, which is used to improve local search capabilities including Google location options and distance rankings.

About Cookies

In the mid-90s, when the Internet was actively developing, the term "privacy" was not used. Back then, people were still buying goods from brick-and-mortar stores rather than ordering online. This also applies to taxi services, food delivery from restaurants, etc. The developers of Internet Explorer did not feel obligated to inform anyone about creating copies of files stored in the browser. The same goes for other teams that are actively introducing the Internet into a variety of industries. This is because people weren't trying to track the browsing history of users, they just wanted to improve the networks.

It soon became clear that such methods are used not only by Microsoft. This caused a resonance in society, especially with regard to e-commerce. Today such an industry has become global and it is hardly possible to hide any flaws in the algorithms. So, it has to be improved. We're talking about filters that developers and marketers use.

The gradual restriction on the use of cookies is undoubtedly a revolution in virtual privacy. Today, users are increasingly inclined to choose modes that turn off the monitoring of browser activity. This has already been implemented alongside Safari's Smart Prevention Monitoring System (ITP). The same will apply to other browsers in 2022. Does this mean that the virtual advertising industry is under pressure? This is definitely true, although experts will always find an alternative.

Federated Cohort Studying

Do you want to optimize SEO processes and prepare your online campaigns for the future with agile SEO strategies? If so, you should try alternative Cookies tools. We're talking about FLoC. It is an algorithm for processing data that allows developers to distinguish groups of users. Marketers will no longer need a shopper, as is the case with cookies. Alternatively, they can use groups with specific characteristics. According to Google, its effectiveness is 95% compared to other ads. Very promising, but still not fully tested.

Browser Fingerprinting and its Perspectives

Nowadays advertisers are actively using Browser Fingerprinting technology. Such a method is based on the processing of the following data: browser version, plugins used, and others. New technology will make it easier for marketers in terms of restricting the use of cookies. Of course, it has nothing to do with activity tracking. AI-based systems receive information about the equipment: screen aspect ratio, picture size and orientation, device model, and OS version. Any analytics can be obtained indirectly.

Browser Fingerprinting is next-generation technology. Such monitoring one way or another allows marketers to distinguish specific devices from others. When all such data is combined, it turns out that base allows the developers to create an effective marketing campaign. It’s fairly good identification of the users, no matter how many cookies they block.

E-Commerce & Visual Communication

First impressions are also important for all communication channels, so trends in visual and graphic design can influence brand preference. This is another alternative for marketers. Interaction with the consumer that goes beyond just clicking on static links redirecting to other web pages is more and more relevant every year. This is because consumers are more and more interested in additional reality and cryptocurrency projects, such as ICOholder. The future of marketing is in some way connected with innovation.

The closure of brick-and-mortar stores has deprived consumers of the opportunity to have a personalized shopping experience. People can no longer touch, smell, or test a product before they place an order. So, marketers try to visualize this experience in every possible way. We're talking about the introduction of visual and augmented reality. If the content hasn't been visually tweaked, and users haven't found comprehensive product information on the landing page, many of them abandon their order.

Catchy shop windows, the scent of luxurious perfumes, or freshly brewed coffee will all be felt in the delivery field. Such is the reality of marketing in the 21st century. When shopping online, people had to rely solely on reviews from other customers. Photos, videos, and content on websites and data provided by the brand are also important. This also applies to promotional materials, which will still be shown to targeted audiences.


Data is essential to the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies. Without this, analytics becomes difficult and almost impossible. This is why disabling third-party cookies have caused so much concern among marketers. Google's concern to improve the privacy of web users has been critical. So most strategies will need to be adapted to new techniques. This rule could soon revolutionize the way we do digital marketing. Therefore, business owners should adapt their strategies by 2022.

The privacy sandbox is a Google initiative to restrict access to personal data, but it still allows segmentation in digital marketing. In addition to cookies, there are other data collection methods that people can use. Developers will inevitably find an alternative that would suit both consumers and store owners. In addition, each of the social networks supports direct and group messaging, and of course, there are many specialized applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and Snapchat. 

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