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How can TikTok Douyin be realized through it?


How can TikTok Douyin be realized through it?

Everyone says that if there is traffic, you can make money, so how does Douyin make money? Next, the Brotherhood of Sanji will tell you how to make money with Douyin ads


  . It is the most direct and common way to make money, such as "meow big crime". Her video content and story are very strong, and the implementation method is similar to movie placement ads.

In her video, it is not difficult to see the placement of brands such as Vipshop, Pepsi, and Medella. There are two ways for Douyin to operate entertainment: one is for you to provide us with entertainment, the other is for us to do it ourselves and entertain ourselves. Dubsmash is a natural PGC (song) + UGC (video). The implantation technology is very clever and does little harm to the community. 

The average number of likes for each video remains above 10,000, while the number of comments is only tens of thousands. For brands, this form of advertising is better than "hard and wide" advertising. For example, in addition to inviting movie stars, Maybelline's new product launch also invited 50 videos "stars" to participate. They get paid for brand advertising through live broadcasts of press conferences, while brands rely on their popularity and influence to achieve the effect of publicity.

The realization of the work ("short video + e-commerce" model) is well known. The reason why Douyin has become a "popular style" application is mainly because of its creative shooting form and social attributes. Therefore, "appearance + creativity" works are the best conditions for "accepting fans".

How does Douyin make money? After becoming a Douyin "talent", you can add your own product elements to your work, such as promoting your own store or products through Douyin. This is also what many "talents" do and can indirectly bring benefits. Vibrato tutorial ever since the birth of video technology, the range is the world's most popular short video MV, music video, short music video, most of all short video head part. But MV shooting is difficult. There are many people who can pretend to be on the camera at random, and not many people who can talk and sing to the camera anytime and anywhere.

Whether it is channel sharing or advertising placement, it is easy to touch the ceiling, but on the short video platform, thousands of life and makeup content creators have a broader space for realization. Douyin operationThere are two ways of entertainment: one is that you provide us with entertainment, the other is that we do it ourselves and entertain ourselves. Dubsmash is a natural PGC (song) + UGC (video). This is the content e-commerce model.

Now Douyin has also launched the functions of "buy while watching" and "commodity window", allowing users to order products recommended by talents while watching short videos. This breaks the traditional e-commerce model, simplifies the operations required by users in the purchase process, improves purchase efficiency, and achieves the purpose of promoting user consumption.

For example, placing a Taobao link under the video or placing a diversion advertisement at the end of the video can easily implement the "video promotion + entity profit" model.

For graphics and text "recommended" copy, people may have concerns about buying. For example, photos often have to be processed, and the actual clothes are likely to be different from the pictures. However, the video display of the goods will be more intuitive and can stimulate people's desire to buy. Of course, to improve the conversion rate of consumption, it also depends on whether the products recommended by the video are worth buying, and the trust of the video owner.

How does Douyin make money? E-commerce itself has a fixed profit model, and producers must implement it on the basis of understanding to ensure that no loss will occur. The short film makers hope to achieve this through e-commerce, and they also pay attention to the shaping of their own content. The distinctive content leaves a deep impression on the user's mind, thereby promoting their purchase through e-commerce.

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