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Dr Ryan Shelton: How A Healthy Diet Can Help Improve An Entrepreneur’s Productivity


 Dr Ryan Shelton: How A Healthy Diet Can Help Improve An Entrepreneur’s Productivity

As an entrepreneur, you need to be at the top of your game at all times. This means constant focus, enough mental and physical stamina, and a body that does not quit!

Leading from the front means that you are responsible for the well-being of the business organization. If your business does well, it translates into an entrepreneur enjoying the benefits of their hard work. However, it demands an elevated level of skill, dedication, and perseverance to triumph against all odds.

This is why experts like Dr Ryan Shelton think eating habits are important for entrepreneurial success. He says that nutrition, healthy diet plans, and staying away from harmful eating habits should be practiced by entrepreneurs. 

The Importance of Healthy and Nutritious Food and How it Affects Entrepreneurs

Dr. Ryan Shelton suggests that what we consume has a direct impact on our work. Entrepreneurs that eat poorly:

  • Have lesser stamina to work long hours
  • Get sick more often than expected
  • Have a decreased drive and motivation to succeed
  • Experience poor sleeping patterns and insomnia issues

Dr. Ryan Shelton also states that food is not only linked to physical prowess but also affects mental health as well. Poor eating habits, like too much fast food and consumption of sugary carbonated drinks have been proven to demonstrate high levels of stress, mental fatigue, anxiety, and depression. 

He states that many of his entrepreneurial clients have noticed a drastic change in how they felt after switching over to a healthy diet plan in just a little over a month. This means that our body starts responding to good eating habits almost immediately. 

5 Important Food Habits that Entrepreneurs Need to Integrate into their Life

  1. Creating a Rigid and Regular Eating Plan for the Day- 

The first thing that entrepreneurs need to do is stick to the timelines of meals. This means setting rigid and unchanging time slots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sticking to a schedule helps prepare the body for nutrition and improves digestion. The food needs to be processed and letting your body know to get ready is a great starting point. This builds food discipline. 

  1. Avoiding Processed Food - 

There is a reason why our forefathers appeared to suffer from fewer diseases. They were not consuming artificial preservatives and other non-natural ingredients in their food. You should avoid processed food and try to eat as many vegetables and natural products as possible in your diet. This will keep your body healthy and it will fill your body with good nutrients. 

  1. Stay Away from Sugar, Energy Drinks & Soda, Smoking, and Alcohol- 

All of these things mentioned above do nothing but harm to your body. They slowly start eating away at your vital organs and invite the onset of diseases and illnesses. Smoking affects your lungs and heart, and drinking rots the liver and pancreas. Too much sugar consumption through soda and energy drinks introduces the possibility of type 2 diabetes. Stay away from these!

  1. Integrate Natural Fruits and Dry Fruits Into Your Daily Routine- 

Whenever you feel like grazing, don’t reach for chips or baked goods. A much healthier option is to consume healthy finger food like baby carrots or dry fruits. They are an abundant source of antioxidants. If you’re looking for a boost to your energy, take along small boxes of almonds, walnuts, and cashews with you to the office. 

  1. Drinking-Water and Ensuring Adequate Levels of Hydration is Essential- 

The benefits and importance of drinking water cannot be stressed enough. Water helps flush out all the impurities and toxins from our bodies. It also helps in promoting digestion and allows for better absorption of nutrients in our bodies. An entrepreneur on the move should look to consume at least three liters of water per day. 

The Bottom Line

The demands on an entrepreneur’s body are typically pushed a lot more than it is for other working professionals and having good eating habits is extremely important. They can go a long way in improving work productivity, promoting innovative thinking, and preventing serious illnesses and diseases. 

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