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Why is Cricket Still So Popular in India?


Why is Cricket Still So Popular in India?

Although lots of sports are popular throughout India there is no denying that cricket is one of the most popular. What is it that makes the sport so interesting to this part of the world?

Anyone Can Play


One of the greatest things about cricket is how accessible it is, even for those that don’t have the finances to invest in expensive equipment. There are of course places to play cricket professionally and take lessons, however even these often use things like a tennis ball to play with rather than a traditional leather ball. Other than that, anyone can play with minimal equipment and costs.


Why is Cricket Still So Popular in India?



There are Plenty of Role Models


Over recent years there have been several world-class players from Indian cricket which has helped to ensure that cricket has remained popular throughout the country. The younger generation like to have role models to look up to, which the likes of Sunil Gavaskar and Anil Kumble have most certainly done. Not only does it give the younger generation people to look up to but it also motivates and encourages them to take up the sport themselves, which in turn helps to keep it popular.


Everyone Can Get Involved


Even if you’re not able to play cricket there are several ways to get involved. From volunteering with small local teams to betting on big-league games, anyone can get involved in cricket. This site here is India’s go-to site for cricket scores, news and videos – so anyone can keep up to date with what games have taken place, the score and what might happen next. It makes the sport accessible to anyone and means that everyone can get excited about different games, teams and players.


World Class Players


The Indian cricket team have two World Cup titles under their belt (1983 and 2011), as well as being winners of the T20 World Cup in 2007. Being winners at major championships has helped to keep the team and therefore the sport in the mind of sports fans throughout India.


The Indian Premier League


When the county launched the Indian Premier League, it became the most popular T20 league in existence. It has proved so popular that things like Bollywood Movies delay their opening for fear of being overshadowed by the game.


Support from The Board of Control for Cricket in India


The Board of Control for Cricket in India is arguably one of the most powerful cricket boards in the world. They have their own independent finances which means that they don’t have to rely on the Indian government for any funding. They have the power to team up with major brands for sponsorship for cricket matches throughout India – another way of keeping the sport in the public eye.


Between big-name sponsorships, a team that has done well, exceptional players and the internet bringing cricket news to absolutely everyone, it really is no surprise that cricket within India has remained so popular. In reality, this isn’t going to change anytime soon and cricket is likely to remain popular throughout India for some time.


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