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What is Roblox | How to get Robux free | Is Roblox safe for children?


What is Roblox | How to get Robux free | Is Roblox safe for children? 

what is Roblox
what is Roblox

Like Minecraft or FortniteRoblox has managed to accumulate an impressive number of users, especially among the youngest. But what exactly is Roblox? With this guide, we will solve your doubts and we will explain everything related to this game. So what is Roblox, creation of Roblox
How to get Robux free, Is Roblox safe for children? a complete guide about it?

What is Roblox?

It might seem overwhelming at first, as unlike a traditional game that you purchase for a mobile device or consoleRoblox is a platform, with a heavy emphasis on creating and sharing online with other players.

Developed by the Roblox Corporation, this game officially debuted in 2006, although its beta version was already available since 2004. It is a creative platform that allows its users to make games with the Roblox Studio. The main attraction of Roblox is that it offers thousands of free games created by users. To date, more than 100 million monthly active users have registered, making it one of the most popular game development packages of all time. A look at their official site presumes that since 2008 more than 50,000,000 "experiences" have been recorded, with 22.2 billion (22.2 billion) hours of total engagement as of September 2020 and a peak of 5.7 million concurrent users. Needless to say, it is extremely popular.

Creation of Roblox

Every world you visit has been created by other players, and there are millions for you to explore. There are those who focus entirely on the creative aspects, while others prefer to play. The contents vary: there is everything from the extremely deep and nuanced themes to the simpler designs. With its intuitive search function, finding these games or creations is easy, especially for the little ones.

Many of the creations are inspired by existing games or properties. For example, you will find things similar to the Call of DutyPokémon and Battlefield franchises. But there are also original games that have become incredibly popular, such as Work at a Pizza Place (created by user Dued1). You can play pretty much anything you can imagine, including racing, shooter, RPG, and even multiplayer games. With so many options available, it is easy to understand why Roblox has wowed millions of users. And these experiences are not limited to interactive content; there are also animations and even movies.

The creators use the programming language known as Lua to handle what happens in each game. Lua can be used to transform a beautiful static scene into a whole game with a varied level of interactivity. A detailed world in Roblox can range from something aesthetically pleasing to something more complicated and fun.

How to get Robux free

Registering a Roblox account costs nothing. You can do it by visiting their official siteRoblox is available on many platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Xbox One. It is currently unknown if it will make it to other platforms such as the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. Until recently, some players were able to play certain creations on the PS4 through the system browser, although this is no longer possible.

Is Roblox safe for children?

Although Roblox was created for users of all ages, it is advised that little ones are supervised when interacting with others or when choosing user-generated titles that they want to play. With a great emphasis on social interactivity, safety must undoubtedly be a priority when youth are involved. There are those who have reported cases of bullying and other circumstances that parents might consider inappropriate, although there are systems that limit this type of thing.

The administrators of Roblox verify the contents of the games to make sure that they are free of obscene or sexual elements, although it is possible to find experiences that show violence and other subjects that for some could be in bad taste. That is why it is a good idea to examine each particular case, since not all creations are the same.

There are also parental controls with which you can limit what your child plays, as well as ways to monitor the account remotely. This way you can control interactions with other players, access to in-game purchases and monitor the content in which they participate. As with most social platforms, it is possible to report harmful and malicious people. With millions of creations, parents will have to assess whether Roblox is suitable for their children by monitoring the games they play. As explained on a Roblox blog , parents should "visit the apps and games they use most often and ask them to show you how they work."


Within Roblox there is a currency called Robux that can be used to purchase clothing and accessories for your avatar and to gain access to certain games. Items have different levels of uniqueness; some even exceed $ 500 (in real money). With a supply and demand system, the prices of things tend to vary. You can link your credit card to your account to make purchases, or you can purchase prepaid cards in stores with a value of up to $ 50.

Users can also subscribe to Roblox Premium. This membership offers a monthly allowance and special benefits, such as a 10 percent bonus when acquiring Robux and access to the game's economy, allowing you to buy, sell, trade and win real money. Roblox Premium has three levels:

§  450 Robux per month - $ 5 dollars

§  1,000 Robux per month - $ 10

§  2,200 Robux per month - $ 20

The higher the level, the higher your monthly allowance.

Monetization also works to your advantage. Players can get real money with their creations thanks to a sophisticated in-game economic system. You can implement monetization in the way that suits you best. Some free creations include game-enhancing loot chests, while others go further and charge for entire experiences. Much of the Roblox content is created with monetization in mind, and there are developers who have become millionaires thanks to their creations.

Maybe Roblox is promoted as something for the little ones, but depending on what you like to do, it can get complicated. Players can use it as a never-ending stream of user-generated content or even turn it into their work. That's the beauty of Roblox; With so many options and paths to take, it makes sense that he has captured so many people.


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