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TikTokT has a new trick! How can cross-border e-commerce sellers use


TikTok has a new trick! How can cross-border e-commerce sellers use

TikTok has a new trick! How can cross-border e-commerce sellers use

The outbreak of the epidemic has caused the rapid development of social media and e-commerce industries. Friends who follow overseas social media should have noticed that the updates of overseas social media are now moving in the direction of integration with e-commerce. 
FB just officially launched its own store not long ago, and TikTok also recently announced its combination with Teespring. Teespring is an e-commerce platform that allows people to create and sell custom clothing. This will allow TikTok creators to sell their directly designed products to fans. TikTok has a new trick! How can cross-border e-commerce sellers use

Why have social media platforms turned to the road of "carrying goods" one after another? In fact, behind this trend is the fact that social media platforms want to retain their core creators. Making videos simply because of interest does not last too long, because it takes time and effort to make videos or cut videos. With investment in equipment and human resources, if social media platforms cannot provide creators with a way to profit, then they will face the possibility of losing core creators.

This is actually the reason why TikTok launched a $200 million creator fund before. And this cooperation with Teespring is undoubtedly to retain its core creative staff.

According to The Verge report, the collaboration between TikTok and Teespring seems to be in the arms of video creators. Many TikTok creators have already collaborated with Teespring to create products that can be sold to fans, and this operation is for TikTok creators. Simply, as long as they create their own products on Teespring, push them directly to TikTok, and then fans will be able to purchase products directly through TikTok.

Before launching the cooperation with Teespring, TikTok also made other attempts. Previously, TikTok provided about 7,000 TikTok creators with a way to directly profit from TikTok. Now TikTok is still studying where the product should be in the video. The exhibition will be better.

Rus Yusupov, the founder of the short video application Vine, pointed out when summing up the experience and lessons, not adding more profit tools for creators to the platform is one of their mistakes. He also gave TikTok some lessons: premium content subscriptions, in-app shopping, games, etc. can all become profit tools for TikTok creators, and TikTok needs to continue to expand these tools.

In fact, these are what TikTok is doing. It has been trying to add e-commerce tools to the platform since the second half of last year. The Small Gestures gift plan is its first attempt. In fact, the cooperation between TikTok and Teespring is inevitable under pressure from overseas social media who want to take a share in the short video market.

How to increase monetization tools for creators on its own platform is the main challenge that TikTok faces now. Before it, no other platform can successfully profit from short video content. Cooperation with Teepspring is its first step to deal with the challenge. .

For us sellers, it is undoubtedly beneficial for the social media platform to increase creator profitability tools. The platform has paved the way for us to "bring goods". If we don't use it, won't it be a loss?

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