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TikTok traffic gameplay, new distribution channels... CCEE special big coffee will give you a pulse on how to flourish in the second half of the year


TikTok traffic gameplay, new distribution channels... CCEE special big coffee will give you a pulse on how to flourish in the second half of the year

TikTok traffic gameplay, new distribution channels... CCEE special big coffee will give you a pulse on how to flourish in the second half of the year

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On August 18th, the second stop of the 2020 CCEE, at the Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center, will be held soon. Over ten thousand powerful sellers have successfully boarded the flights of the "Product Selection Conference" of Hugo. With the help of the "Product Selection Conference", they have met more and more powerful suppliers, and are facing the peak season with the momentum of "conquering cities and territories"!

On the 18th, the main venue Dunhuang.com special[Bring the wind and the waves, retrograde 2020], Will also gather big figures in the industry to discuss new cross-border trends and opportunities in 2020 and talk about new ways to play cross-border e-commerce in 2020.

[Bring the wind and the waves, retrograde 2020] Highlights of the special show are the first to watch↓↓↓

Highlight 1: New opportunities

In 2020, affected by the epidemic, a large number of overseas offline supermarkets will be closed and physical retail will be greatly affected. However, e-commerce sales have grown against the trend. In addition to the most eye-catching growth in the C-end market, the entire foreign trade product The sales link channels have all changed. In addition to the C-end consumer groups, B-end customers including overseas importers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers have also begun to purchase through online channels. So this is not only an opportunity for the C-end market, but also a new channel for the outbreak of the small B market.

On the day of the event, Li Wei, general manager of Dunhuang.com's merchants and commodity operation center, will interpret how sellers can grasp new opportunities in the trillion blue ocean under the current new environment and new channels.

Highlight 2: New gameplay

The epidemic has changed the living habits of overseas consumers, as well as their shopping methods and buying habits. As far as sellers are concerned, the previously tried and tested operating models may gradually be less effective than expected; and the previously neglected categories may also usher in explosive growth. After the epidemic, how do sellers adapt to the new environment and start a new era of cross-border?

The investment director of Dunhuang.com, Ye Huanghuang, will be from: premium domestic products, Yang Fan going to sea; new ideas for spreading goods, easy to make money different; Dunhuang overseas warehouses, set sail against the trend; intelligent selection of products, worry-free distribution. Four dimensions, combining practical operations and case studies, redefine the new gameplay of cross-border seller operations.

Highlight 3: New perspective

In the domestic e-commerce market where Ali Jingdong is competing, Pinduoduo is still growing up to break the original pattern; therefore, even when the cross-border e-commerce industry is becoming more mature now, sellers of new powers may still become rising stars and stand out in the industry. Of course, this also requires sellers to break the constraints of old thinking and models and seek new cross-border perspectives.

On the day of August 18th, in the special session of Dunhuang.com, the mysterious billion-dollar sales will be airborne. Starting from our own case, we will analyze the trend, explain the practical operation, and present you with a new cross-border perspective to breakthrough.

Highlight 4: New traffic

Recently, Tiktok, which has been pushed to the forefront, has actually been a dark horse of social media in overseas markets in the past two years and has provided strong traffic support to a considerable number of cross-border sellers. But in fact, there are still many sellers who do not understand this new traffic channel.

Which sellers are Tiktok suitable for? What is the accuracy and cost of Tiktok drainage? In the current environment, what changes will happen to Tiktok's traffic environment? On August 18th, Liu Xiaochuan, senior director of social channels of Dunhuang.com, will answer the above questions one by one, and combine the successful cases of sellers to deeply analyze the new gameplay of Tiktok traffic.

Highlight 5: New markets

With a total population of 650 million, more than 200 million online shoppers; 19% of the annual growth rate of e-commerce sales, and 3% of online retail sales, this set of data is sufficient to illustrate the potential of the Latin American e-commerce market. Because of this, under the trend of cross-border sellers opening up new markets, Latin America has become a big seller in the past two years and has become a sweet pastry in the eyes of various platforms. Of course, since it is a new market, there are inevitably some difficulties that need to be overcome by sellers. With the cross-border industry aggressively entering the Latin American market, how can sellers break the situation in Latin America to preemptively?

At the event site, Liang Yanting, senior operations manager of Dunhuang.com's Global Localization Division, will deeply analyze the advantages and bottlenecks of sellers in developing the Latin American market, provide in-depth analysis for sellers, and restore a real Latin American market.

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