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TikTok grayscale test water shopping tag function


TikTok grayscale test water shopping tag function

TikTok grayscale test water shopping tag function

Image source: Tuworm Creative

Foreign media reported that the next section TikTok and Facebook compete for is on-site shopping. TikTok is working on this function in Europe and has already cooperated with several brands, including the British streetwear company Hype.

TikTok has previously tested this feature in grayscale, such as integrating Teespring to facilitate Up owners to carry out sales activities; working with Shopify to develop new live video features, shopping tags, users can see this tag when browsing the account homepage, and also include products Figures and prices.

Clicking on the page of Hype's TikTok official account, you can indeed see a new section similar to the shopping function. In an interview with Bloomberg, the staff of Hype also admitted that the trial cooperation with TikTok is true.

TikTok’s short videos coincide with the information acquisition habits of today’s netizens. Under the “brainwashing” of TikTok’s short videos, even if they are passively watched, they are recommended. Under the scene of Amway, TikTok’s collateral effect is also Very impressive, consumers are very willing to pay for this business model. Although this feature seems to be different from TikTok's strategy of focusing on short videos, it is only a matter of time before tags are used as a guide for users to chase hot spots.

Facebook and Instagram, as well as their applications (especially Reels, which is "specially" developed by Instagram and the TikTok benchmark), are also rushing to gain momentum in the market. Facebook held a shopping event in 2020 that was slightly different from the past, which can be said to be the first show of the shopping tag mentioned above. It is reported that Facebook is conducting an internal test on the advertising function of Stories.

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