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The difference between Douyin and TikTok


The difference between Douyin and TikTok

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Douyin is a music creative short video social software that can shoot short videos. The software was launched in September 2016. It is a short video community focusing on young people's music. Users can select songs through this software, shoot short music videos, and form their own works. This APP has been launched in all major Android app stores and APP Stores. The difference between Douyin and TikTok

Tik Tok is the international version of Tik Tok short video. The functional operation is also the same, except that the country of operation is different, and the data between the two are not interoperable.

Almost all users on the Douyin and tiktok platforms are young users. 85% of Douyin users are under the age of 24, and the main players and users are basically born after 95 or even after 00.

If domestic users want to log in to the international version of Tik Tok, they can follow the steps below:

①If you are an ios user , you need to enter your Apple ID first, open the "Country/Region" option, click Change Country, modify the country inside to the country you need to switch, and then reset the settings and fill in your personal information. Finally, you need to unplug the SIM card and connect to the VPN. After completing this, go to the App Store to download the Tik Tok software and you can use it.

②If you are an Android user , just download the international Tik Tok app on the Internet. After downloading it directly into the international version of Tik Tok, nothing is displayed, and you need to pull out the sim card (Tik Tok can detect the country and region of your card, you must unplug it if you want to enter the international version of Tik Tok), and switch the phone's system Set the language to traditional Chinese, hang up vpn, and then you can enjoy the international version of Tik Tok.

After getting a basic understanding of Tik Tok, the following will teach you how to play Tik Tok.

2. How to record a short video on Douyin and save it on the computer

There is no PC client for Douyin Short Video, and currently only has a mobile version. Someone may want to ask, why is there no PC version of Douyin Short Video? In fact, the main reason is: Douyin’s slogan is "Record the good life", which aims to allow users to record and share the beautiful things in their daily lives. This means that users can record their lives anytime and anywhere, which highlights the "mobile" Importance, this is a feature that the computer does not have.

Ways to record short videos on Douyin

For those who are keen to perform, Douyin is a good platform to show themselves. The user experience of Douyin is very good. Users can choose songs and add short videos to form their own works. TikTok users can make videos more creative through video shooting speed, video editing, special effects (repeated, flash, slow motion) and other technologies.

①First, open the Douyin short video app and enter the homepage, click on the " + " below , as shown in the figure below.

②Click " Select Music " at the top to select the music you like.

③After selecting the music, click " Use " to enter the video shooting step.

④After shooting, you can choose " filters " and " special effects " to edit the video; you can also " cut music " to adjust the " volume " of the video and music . After finishing editing, click " Next " to publish.

After the video is taken, what should I do if I want to save the video to the computer?

How to save recorded video to computer

① In the video publishing interface, check " Save to local ", then the video will be saved locally on the phone.

②It can be connected to the computer via a data cable to upload.

③You can also directly share to different social media, such as QQ, by clicking Share in the lower right corner of the video. After logging in to the computer version of QQ, you can download and save the video.

Tips Regarding the awkward dance machine : the awkward dance machine that everyone liked before, now Douyin has closed this function.

When we are refreshing the vibrato, we may repeatedly refresh a certain piece of music, which is usually the most popular song recently. The following will recommend the most popular brainwashing divine songs on Douyin in various countries!

Third, the top 10 brainwashing divine songs of Douyin in various regions

In the previous part, when introducing the method of Tik Tok video recording, the step of "selecting music" was mentioned. I want to remind you that good music can make the video more outstanding and get more attention and likes. So here is to recommend the popular vibrato music of various countries, and more choices for reference.

Douyin is not only popular in China, but also popular in Taiwan, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, and even Europe and the United States. The creation of Douyin short videos is based on background music, and many users follow the trend to shoot popular songs. Videos and BGM that are popular in China will also cause neighboring countries to follow suit and imitate.

 In addition to using good background music, a good editing level can also make the video more points. If the editing functions on Douyin are not enough for you, then please see the "Advanced Edition" video editing introduction below.

4. Professional video editing software can be used to create "Great God-level" videos

When the background music is selected and the video shooting is completed, the video needs to be edited with special effects. On Douyin, you will see some videos with subtitles, countdowns, or editing and splicing of film and television content. These are effects that cannot be achieved by the built-in functions of Douyin. At this time, we can use professional video editing software- Called Monster™ Video Editor to edit.

TipsDujiaju™ video editing software can not only convert video formats, edit videos, add special effects, but also crop, merge videos, remove watermarks, add logos, subtitles, etc.; realize automatic re-encoding, and guarantee the video while ensuring the speed. Synchronize with audio, etc.

①Video cutting function , you can set the start time point and end time point, and cut the length of the video.

② Rotation and cropping function , which can rotate or partially intercept the video.

③ Special effect function, can add " filter effect ", " zoom out special effect ", " volume special effect ".

④ You can add text, picture, video, and graphic watermarks to the video, and you can also remove the extra watermarks in the video.

⑤Add background music , you can choose to add local music or self-dubbing to make the movie more rich and interesting.

⑥Add subtitles , you can add some lines and narration to the video.


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