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Shopify will work with TikTok! Amazon starts the 2021 investment plan!


Shopify will work with TikTok! Amazon starts the 2021 investment plan

Get the big event in the circle quickly!

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The cross-border e-commerce circle is changing rapidly. Want to quickly get the big events in the circle, but there is no channel? With channels, you find that the information is too mixed and too lazy to read? Xiaotuo has opened a column of "Tuogusi Hot Tabloids" for you to regularly collect cross-border e-commerce hotspots for you, and help you grasp the new situation of cross-border e-commerce in 3 minutes. Shopify will work with TikTok! Amazon starts the 2021 investment plan

In this issue, let us take a look at what new things have happened in the cross-border e-commerce circle this week:

1, Ali International Station to start trade "tens of billions of investment funds" to create the world's third largest cargo platform

On October 28, at the First New Foreign Trade Forces Conference, Alibaba International Station announced the launch of the "Ten Billion Ecological Investment Fund" plan to accelerate the improvement of digital foreign trade production factors such as logistics and freight. At the same time, it was announced to invest another 1 billion to start the "Spring Thunder Program 2.0" to help traditional enterprises and young entrepreneurs step into the new foreign trade track.

In the next three years, Ali International Station will help more than 10 million new small and medium-sized enterprises across the world to purchase cross-border purchases, reaching a transaction scale of more than 100 billion U.S. dollars, building new logistics networks and freight standards, and supporting 1 million tons of air freight and 1 million TEUs by sea. The scale of transportation capacity has become the world's third largest freight platform.

Under the influence of YQ, foreign trade is difficult to do. But this move of Ali International Station, it is not difficult to see the potential of cross-border e-commerce. Although the overall situation is not optimistic, there are also many cross-border e-commerce sellers who have seized the opportunity amidst this round of changes and turned back against the wind. Bicycles, wigs, fitness equipment... Waves of successful cases are hard to ignore the charm of cross-border e-commerce. At this stage, the most uncomfortable thing is that logistics prices are rising, warehouse explosions, and container dumping are endless. The plan of Alibaba International Station has undoubtedly alleviated the pressure on many cross-border SMEs. Come on, foreign trader!

2. The EU VAT changes are postponed to July 2021

The EU was originally scheduled to change the VAT treatment of goods and services mainly provided to non-taxable VAT personnel on January 1, 2021. Due to the global health crisis, the change has been postponed to July 1, 2021.

E-commerce has increased the number of goods purchased from non-EU suppliers, which are usually exempt from value-added tax, which has a negative impact on the competitiveness of EU companies and the taxation of EU countries. This has also exacerbated distortions within the European Union, which is conducive to the adoption of lower VAT rates by member states. The changes in 2021 are designed to solve these problems.

When the news of the VAT change first came out, I believe many cross-border e-commerce sellers in the UK market were heartbroken. The thought of the consequent increase in logistics prices and the loss of price advantage is confusing. But now the delay of this plan has also given many sellers more time to prepare. Whether it is withdrawing from the UK market or looking for a new suitable logistics service provider, it takes a lot of time. I hope that all cross-border e-commerce sellers can adjust their strategies during this period to minimize their losses.

3. AliExpress large-scale cross-border operations center in South China settled in Foshan, Guangdong

According to Guangzhou Customs, on October 28, the first domestic export warehouse for large-size cross-border e-commerce commodities-AliExpress Large-size Cross-border South China Operation Center, was located in Foshan, Guangdong, Foshan, Guangdong's cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone. The depot port is established. After the opening of the operation center, it will fill the gap in the domestic retail export logistics service of large cross-border e-commerce commodities over 30 kilograms.

There is a better way out for the export of large-scale cross-border e-commerce commodities. There was no choice before, and now you can go to the sea together. The logistics cost is reduced a lot. It is a special period of time.

4. Shopify will cooperate with TikTok to attract more merchants

Canadian e-commerce company Shopify said on Tuesday that it will partner with TikTok to help its more than one million merchants to more easily promote their products on video-sharing applications, in order to expand its customer base. The news made Shopify's stock price rise by more than 4%.

Video e-commerce is bound to become a trend, but for US sites, the survival of Tik Tok is still a very big problem due to political interference. I hope Tik Tok can survive this storm and successfully gain a foothold in the international market.

5. Shopify's third quarter revenue increased by 96% over last year

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of companies scrambled to build or enhance their digital work. Compared with a year ago, Shopify’s revenue in the third quarter almost doubled. Revenue for the quarter reached 767.4 million U.S. dollars, higher than the 390.5 million U.S. dollars in the same period last year.

The development of Shopify in the past two years is really a qualitative leap, and more and more cross-border e-commerce merchants have settled in, which also makes people see its business opportunities. This year, Shopify's stock price is generally in a trend of going up, and Xiaotuo thinks it is an area that is very worthy of attention. Since the competition of these platforms such as Amazon and eBay is getting bigger and bigger, it is difficult to find a breakthrough. With more and more rules and restrictions and more and more merchants influx, it is basically difficult to make explosive products, and continue to acquire customers. Harder. In this case, the independent station is a very worthy research area, maybe it will become an outlet for you to make explosions.

6. BigCommerce and Wish have reached a cooperation

BigCommerce allows its users to connect with the platforms currently on the market for product sales. Currently, the cooperative platforms include Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and Google. Recently, its partners have added the Wish platform.

7. Amazon launches 2021 investment plan

Affected by the global epidemic in 2020, Amazon's popularity has skyrocketed, and many sellers' orders have surged. The number of new sellers on the platform is also increasing, and there are still many sellers waiting for new opportunities to settle in. Amazon has launched its 2021 investment plan in October, and sellers can start deploying their own Amazon entry plan.

I heard that every round of new investment promotion is when the review mechanism is relatively loose~ All interested cross-border e-commerce sellers can prepare materials for entry application~


Affected by YQ, many new brands have emerged on all major cross-border e-commerce platforms, and many cross-border e-commerce sellers have settled in, and competition has become increasingly fierce. Therefore, many people have begun to turn to independent stations. Compared with ordinary cross-border e-commerce platforms, independent stations are relatively more controllable, with the following obvious advantages:

1. It is easy to form brand loyalty. The independent station is a long-term transaction , focusing on cultivating customers. Although the effect is relatively slow, once the brand loyalty is formed, it is very long-lasting. Independent station customers have a very strong brand awareness , and price has relatively little influence on customers who enter the independent station shopping. They value brand and word of mouth more;

2. High degree of freedom in page customization. The independent station is mainly to build a brand, and more energy can be invested in attracting traffic, page conversion, and shopping experience. The pages are all customized by yourself and do not need to be restricted, so you can use a variety of methods during operation and use a variety of operating methods to maximize the customer's shopping experience;

3. The traffic is controlled by yourself, not like the platform will be diverted. The independent station increases the exposure of the website through some advertising investment outside the station, thereby increasing the popularity, and the external traffic it attracts is also its own, and there is no diversion.

Generally speaking, the popularity of independent stations in the past two years is not without reason, and the advantages of independent stations are becoming more and more obvious. Dear foreign trade people, if you are also in a period of confusion and difficulty, you may wish to change your mind and pay attention to the independent station~ Xiaotuo thinks that the potential of this area is still very large~

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