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Instagram Reels and TT are evenly split? In-depth comparison! Sellers who want to market through short video platforms can start laughing.


Instagram Reels and TikTok are evenly split? In-depth comparison! Sellers who want to market through short video platforms can start laughing.

TikTok, which is popular all over the world, has been turbulent since it was banned in India. Especially with Trump's continuous disruption, the scene is even more chaotic. The situation is still unclear, and Facebook took advantage of the troubles of its opponents and launched it through Instagram. Reels, which has very similar functions to TikTok, wants to get a share of the creative short video market.

Instagram Reels and TT are evenly split? In-depth comparison!

Instagram Reels is a new creative video platform in the Instagram application that allows users to record and edit 15-second videos using audio, special effects and new creative tools.

Videos on Instagram Reels are similar to those on TikTok, in that both video clips played in a fast loop are paired with a specific BGM or original/custom audio. With Reels, Instagram Stories, 150 million Instagram users on IGTV will be able to create TikTok-style content.

The difference between TikTok and Instagram Reels

On the surface, Instagram Reels and TikTok are similar, but they are still different. The main differences currently include:

1. The upload video time limit is 15 seconds for Reels and 60 seconds for TikTok.

2. Reels shared by private Instagram accounts disappear after 24 hours, similar to the current mode of Stories.

3. Instagram and TikTok trend videos are presented in different ways. TikTok's trending videos are accurately pushed through algorithms. After the four stages of the TikTok algorithm, the most attractive content will be pushed to the homepage. Reels and selected posts and videos can be found on Instagram's "discover" or "exploration" page. In addition, Instagram may refine some Reels.

Users can click on a Reels post from the "Browse" page of Instagram to play it, and then start to slide to see the video recommended by the algorithm based on your interests, which is very similar to swiping to watch the video in TikTok's "Your Page".

Instagram and TikTok are fighting for creators

YouTube's long-lasting popularity lies in its early users creating content that is entertaining and attractive to share. For Reels, if you want to be successful, you may have to learn from YouTube and attract more high-quality creators. Therefore, Facebook is now trying to attract creators to Reels to post videos through high-paying contracts, or to make Reels the first video publishing platform, and creators with a large number of fans, Facebook will also provide them with the cost of making videos.

In the past few years, TikTok has been actively advertising on Instagram and Facebook, targeting users, advertisers and creators to promote its applications, and recently announced its $200 million TikTok creation on July 22 The creator fund seems to be a way to prevent creators from losing to Instagram.

In fact, Facebook/Instagram is not a novice who does not know how to attract influencers. It has recruited influencers for Facebook Video and Watch before. When Instagram Reels was officially launched, the trailer of the latest song by the popular singer Miley Cyrus also debuted on Reels. This is undoubtedly another collaboration between Instagram and Cyrus.

The impact of Instagram Reels on influencers and advertisers

Due to its uniqueness in social media, TikTok can get high advertising fees. Some Hashtag challenges and advertising packages can cost up to 300,000 US dollars. TikTok can indeed provide some that can’t be found on other apps. Traffic information. With the launch of Instagram Reels, this situation may change. Instagram Reels may be widely used by influencers and advertisers, because it is easier to concentrate all content in one application than to switch between multiple applications.

The introduction of various advertising options of Instagram Reels in the Instagram/Facebook platform eliminates TikTok’s monopoly on fast, creative, and self-contained BGM content, which may reduce the cost of TikTok advertising, because audiences all over the world seem to like TikTok. This kind of short video with its own BGM is very interesting, and the facts also show that marketing through this kind of video can get a high return on investment, and the cost reduction is undoubtedly a good thing for marketers.

Reels will enable influencers who do not use TikTok to easily create TikTok-style content on Instagram, and many TikTok influencers are very likely to settle on Instagram with the help of Reels’ release.

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