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Emerging and Strategic Tech Trends To Watch Out in 2021


Emerging and Strategic Tech Trends To Watch Out in 2021

Emerging and Strategic Tech Trends To Watch Out in 2021
Emerging and Strategic Tech Trends To Watch Out in 2021

The year 2020 showed truly unprecedented levels of global upheaval. However, this did not deter technological progress and we saw numerous new and innovative technologies being launched last year. Many of these technologies proved truly innovative and carved their own demand niche in the industry. For business owners, the year 2021 holds immense promise and potential, thanks to emerging tech trends. Business owners are realizing the remarkable impact that new technology can have on business operations, sales and ultimately result in business growth. Emerging and Strategic Tech Trends To Watch Out in 2021

Business experts are stressing the crucial role that new, emerging technologies have in business expansion. To help you learn more about some of the most promising new tech in the industry, we have outlined the top emerging and strategic tech trends to watch out for in 2021.

Top Strategic Tech Trends for 2021

Let’s take a close look at the emerging tech trends and discover which of these techs will be beneficial for you.

1 – Internet of Behaviors (IoB)

You must have heard of Internet of Things (IoT) however Internet of Behaviors (IoB) is an advanced concept. This concept is all about using data to induce significant behavioral changes. This tech combines aspects of the digital and real world and influences actions and behaviors with the help of constant feedback loops.

Employers can collect behavioral data of employees and analyze it in order to influence the way employees act within the workplace. With the increasing practice of collecting top-quality data, analyzing the data and combining data from different sources are all part of IoB. The amalgamation of such data can help the company determine the best and most effective way that employees can be influenced towards safer and more efficient workplace practice.

For instance, telematics is extremely helpful to gather driving data of delivery personnel which can, in turn, be used to determine whether they are following driving laws and company regulations effectively. Employers can use this data to improve driver’s performance, safety and routing system.

2 – Total experience

The total experience concept combines consumer experience, multi-experience, user experience and employee experience to influence business goals. The aim of this concept is to improve the entire customer experience.

Linking these varied experiences together is extremely innovative yet effective way for businesses to stand out from the crowd of competitors, for customers and employees alike. This business concept is not easy to mimic and helps you to create a feasible advantage over competition. This concept is extremely effective in the post-COVID situation, such as for efficient remote working and serving customers online.

3 – Enhanced privacy

The revolutionary privacy-enhancing computing tech helps to keep data secure while it is being used. First off, it provides a reliable platform where sensitive data can be safely processed and analyzed. Next, it processes and analyzes data in a decentralized way. Lastly, it encrypts data and algorithms before data is processed or analyzed, for optimal data security.

Privacy-enhancing technology trend is set to aid businesses to collaborate for research purposes in a safe and secure manner, without the fear of sensitive data being leaked to competitors. This tech trend is mainly focused on easing data sharing between businesses without compromising on data security and privacy.

4 – Distributed cloud servers

In the distributed cloud server technology, the data is stored in different physical locations. However, the public cloud provider is responsible for the operation, governance and evolution of cloud services.

When the physical servers are in close proximity to organizations, it helps to ensure low-latency, reduce data expenses and ensure adherence to local data and internet laws. Additionally, this strategic tech trend helps businesses to get the most out of their public cloud computing services, as opposed to the complex and more expensive private cloud services.

5 – Anywhere operations

Anywhere operations model became increasingly popular during the initial lockdown phase across the globe. This operating model allows businesses to be accessed, enabled and delivered anywhere. This is an excellent facility for customers, employees and business partners placed at remote locations.

This concept is highly focused on non-contact business, such as mobile-only banking services that grew immensely popular during the lockdown phase. However, this concept does not reject the importance of physical space but actually encourages us to enhance the digital aspects in our daily lives.

6 – Cybersecurity mesh

A Cybersecurity Mesh is a comprehensive concept which offers incredibly flexible, scalable and trustworthy control over cyber-security. This tech allows creating a security pattern which is designed around the identity of a person or thing.

In a time when cyber-security concerns are on the rise, this concept of a proximity security wall is an ideal solution.

7 – Intelligent composable business

By definition, an intelligent composable business is able to adapt and basically rejuvenate itself according to the present scenario. As businesses rush towards adopting digital business strategies for faster digitalization, there is a growing need for an ability to make quick business decisions based on the existing data.

To acquire the intelligent composable business model, business owners need to:

  1. ·         Ensure improved communication
  2. ·         Integrate information with improved insight
  3. ·         Have the ability to respond faster according to the insight

This requires increasing the autonomy within the business organization as well as allowing different business departments to react faster to increasing workload.

8 – Artificial intelligence engineering

Strong Artificial Intelligence (AI) based engineering strategy helps improve scalability, performance, reliability and interpretability of AI models while ensuring full returns on investment in AI technology.

Many businesses find it difficult to control and manage AI processes, especially when the project faces issues of scalability, maintenance and control. However, with AI engineering, businesses can create an avenue which makes AI an essential aspect of the DevOps process, as opposed to creating a set of isolated, specialized projects.


The advent of these innovative and effective strategic tech trends is set to transform the way we have done business for hundreds of years. The integration of AI and improved data collection-analysis holds immense potential to make business operations smoother, more efficient and streamlined.


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