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Difficult to increase fans? No traffic? Directly hit the key to TikTok operations, reveal the secrets of the list of these potential hot products in the peak season


Difficult to increase fans? No traffic? Directly hit the key to TikTok operations, reveal the secrets of the list of these potential hot products in the peak season

Explosive style development! Now I am learning TikTok, the "king of goods", how to detonate the peak season traffic growth?

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"Is the recent order okay?" As the peak season approaches, the off-season before the big promotion makes many sellers inevitably panicked. However, there are such a group of sellers who have taken a unique approach, aiming their perspective on the hot items on TikTok, and accumulating their power for the peak season selection. Including "fake collar", "electric fruit and vegetable peeling machine", "modified shower", "LED string lights", "kitchen soap pump", "high waist tights" and explosive small toys, etc. on TikTok quickly Became popular. Among them, videos with the hashtag "#Fidgettoys" have more than 5.8 billion views, and the most popular account has more than 1.7 million followers. Another TikTok user posted a short video of a strange "fake collar", and quickly caught the attention of countless fans, gaining 347,000 likes in just 15 seconds. There are too many cases of this kind.

Difficult to increase fans?  No traffic?  Directly hit the key to TikTok operations, reveal the secrets of the list of these potential hot products in the peak season

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Due to the epidemic factors and the fission promotion of social media such as TikTok and Facebook, the demand for household items and toy categories on cross-border e-commerce platforms has risen sharply, which has attracted a large number of sellers. And these popular categories also prove the huge influence of social media, which not only amplifies popular trends, but also brings this influence to consumers around the world. It can be called the "handling" of cross-border e-commerce platforms to attract traffic outside the station. child".

Cross-border e-commerce platform "cargo king"-TikTok, how should sellers take advantage of the trend to promote the popular products?

How popular is TikTok? According to Sensor Tower data, in Q1 of 2020, TikTok's US area has been downloaded 130 million times, and in January 2021, the number of downloads has approached 62 million. Under the epidemic situation, TikTok users have pushed it to a climax. There are not a few Up owners who rely on operating TikTok accounts to achieve "rich food and clothing". Brands, large and small, have also switched to TikTok to "grab the gravity"-the tide is flocking to TikTok. The crowd continues to grow, and TikTok is already the best choice for social marketing.

The reason why TikTok is "addiction" lies in its duration-no more than 60 seconds. According to the results of a recent study by SimilarWeb, the rise of the mobile Internet has made people's attention more distracted and more easily attracted by "transient and beautiful" things, so that they can obtain spiritual pleasure in a shorter period of time.

Aiming at this opportunity, cross-border sellers also favor social media such as TikToK, which is not only a key opportunity to break through the traffic bottleneck, but also full of infinite possibilities.

However, looking at the current TikTok short video attempts of most sellers in the cross-border circle, the results are often very bleak: bothering to shoot the uploaded video, no clicks, no interaction, not to mention the drainage. It can be said that the ideal is very full, and the reality is very skinny.

Therefore, how to have a more professional analysis of ideas, how to develop a sense of the Internet, how to do effective research on hot money, how to have the ability to operate multiple accounts, how to reverse consumer demand based on the characteristics of hot money, optimize pages, and develop key products Operational rules such as marketing and promotion strategies...These have become problems that many crazy influx of TikTok players need to solve at this stage.

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Hurricane TikTok has blown, but how should sellers take advantage of the wind and set off?

The opportunity is here! Recently, the joint industry-renowned Dunhuang network and multiple services over the Amazon, and many other well-known cross-border electronic business platform-independent stations and cutting-edge video MCN company forward four tailored value of 5,000 yuan seller "zero-based to proficient --30 days "Realistic Warfare Training Camp", from basic cognition to actual combat, takes you hands-on practice and incubates high-quality overseas promotion short video accounts.

The training does not impose any platform restrictions. Cross-border sellers who want to play TikTok can sign up to participateOf course, for Dunhuang.com sellers, the platform will provide additional special preferential benefits!

Joining the training camp now will get account operation dry goods information, realistic exercise teaching, TikTok community resources, 30-day companion guidance service, and help cross-border e-commerce sellers seize the trend of short video delivery, quickly seize the TikTok market, and detonate cross-border e-commerce sellers. The flow of international e-commerce has increased.

Limited to 70 places, there are not many opportunities, first come first served.

For details of the course, remember it in a small book↓↓↓

【TikTok Training|Course Arrangement】

  • The course lasts for 30 days and is expected to start on June 8th, every Tuesday/Thursday, at 7 o'clock in the evening;
  • Supplementary resources: 1 month of community mentor guidance and answering questions, the community updates the latest knowledge from time to time.

【TikTok Training|Course Fees】

  • Shocking price: Registration and payment before May 31st, the platform will bear half of the cost for the seller, and the actual collection is 2500 yuan.

【TikTok Training|Payment Method】

  • Alipay account transfer, receiving payment Alipay account: dhzfb@dhgate.com

【TikTok Training|Course Arrangement】

Difficult to increase fans?  No traffic?  Directly hit the key to TikTok operations, reveal the secrets of the list of these potential hot products in the peak season

【TikTok Training|Additional Gift Package for Dunhuang.com Sellers】

During the course of study, students can use Dunhuang.com store products according to the content of the study, and try to release TikTok short videos to divert traffic to strengthen their ability to attract traffic. After the training is completed, the platform will select the 29 lucky students with the highest ranking among the students who publish more than 10 TikTok works of Dunhuang. Bonus prizes.

The prizes are as follows:

Special prize, 1 place: Dunhuang.com Golden Camel Gift Package Coupon 10,000 yuan;

First prize, 5 people, free of platform usage fee for 1 year;

Second prize, 8 places, 666 yuan advertising fee on Dunhuang.com;

Elite Award, 15 people, Xiaomi boutique eye protection lamp.

[TikTok Training|Tutoring WeChat Group] Three people must have my teacher, I look forward to your joining!

Dunhuang Net TikTok Training Class WeChat Group

Winning sellers and prize-receiving information will be updated within 3 working days after the training ends, and students will continue to pay attention.

Difficult to increase fans? No traffic? Directly hit the key to TikTok operations, reveal the secrets of the list of these potential hot products in the peak season

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