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5 key aspects for a successful digital product launch


5 key aspects for a successful digital product launch

2021 begins and although 2020 has not been the expected year, we must not stop innovating and continue to evolve products and services. That is why today I want to present to you 5 key aspects for the launch of a new successful digital product. 5 key aspects for a successful digital product launch

We like to share and reflect on these 5 aspects with our clients when analyzing a new product or service, be it a website, an APP, a new digital campaign or even an SEO audit. These aspects help us to land ideas and evaluate expectations, not just yours and ours, but also those of your target customers, all with the purpose of developing achievable and successful products.

5 key aspects for a successful digital product launch
5 key aspects for a successful digital product launch

If your concern is the budget, we always like to think about this reflection:

You can't invest in launching a successful product, but what about investing to develop it 2 times to make it work?

Let's review the key aspects that will help us in the process of creating and launching a new digital product:

1. The rush doesn't help

Keep it simple! Remember that the main objective of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is to develop a product with key functionalities and basic characteristics that can later be evolved. You can't expect a Minimal Adorable Product (MLP) or "My Little Pony" any time soon. If you try to achieve perfection in the first version, it is very likely that the launch will be late, with conceptual problems and will not be on time to market " time-to-market ".

2. MVP is not a final product

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is only the first version of your product or service. That is why planning development and launch PHASES is key this will allow you to manage the evolutionary ones, aligning them to a budget for functionality that will help you better understand the investment of each of the characteristics of your product. In addition, each release will provide you with new data and feedback from your customers. Therefore, you will check design errors, process improvements, etc., which you can correct and improve while adding new functionalities. This is a process that you will continually repeat, so each new version will be better than the previous one. With this planning by FASES, I am sure that in the long term your product will be very different from what you thought was your Minimum Adorable Product (MLP) or "My Little Pony" that could be developed in record time.

3. Minimal does not mean simple

Although it seems incompatible with the 2 previous aspects, this is essential. To establish a good MVP base, you must know all the future aspects and the objectives you want to achieve, only then can you evolve your product in the long term.

Remember that MVP, although it is Minimal, must also be Viable and not only in the short term. Simple, but durable and easy-to-scale products or services must be developed.

If you are a developer, I invite you to implement EDD with your development teams, it will help the future developer who evolves the product does not have difficulties with the code to continue improving the product with new functionalities.

4. Design is essential

When launching any product, the process is generally tried to be as fast as possible, neglecting in many cases the design, both UI, but especially UX. As simple as the functions of your product is, they must be prepared to scale without altering the brand image but without losing sight of the cost-benefit. MVP's design doesn't have to be perfect or impress your clients, but it should be attractive, functional, and scalable, not only with new features but also with multiple devices and displays.

5. Study the market

Even if your MVP is very new or quick to implement to test, it is essential to study the market first. You must analyze your audience to visualize the type of customer and how they will interact with the characteristics of your product. For this I recommend that you describe a buyer person and focus groups of your target customers, it will help you understand what characteristics each of the functionalities of your product should have.


MVP will help you save time and money. Never underestimate the power of a good MVP considering these 5 key aspects for a successful digital product launch. There are many startups that have been successful and have received investments for a real product through the use of a prototype. 5 key aspects for a successful digital product launch


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