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Why have a CRM for e-commerce?


Why have a CRM for e-commerce?

Why have a CRM for e-commerce?

Why have a CRM for e-commerce?

We keep talking about CRM and e-Commerce. Last week we saw how to select the best CRM for your electronic commerce, today we will reflect on having a CRM for electronic commerce that, as a platform, can help you improve efficiency.

While an e-commerce platform is essential for your B2C customer relationships, a CRM system allows you to have a complete picture of how your customers behave and help you monitor processes.

Let's review some of the benefits of CRM software together.

  • Better supply and demand planning
  • Self-service portals
  • Increase participation
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Follow
  • RMA management
  • Low service costs

Better supply and demand planning

The demand planning can benefit greatly from CRM software. A CRM allows you to forecast the demand for your products and manage reservations.

Self-service portals

A CRM application helps you create a self-service portal for your customers. Thanks to this service, your customers can access the order status, check inventory, process requests by themselves, or access other types of information.

Increase participation

Your Sales or Customer Service team can easily access information about your customers, such as product inventory, or order history. What you gain from this is a personalized approach that will increase participation and engagement.

Targeted Advertising

Related to the previous point, and thanks to the centralization of the information, you can easily launch personalized marketing and advertising campaigns.


Also related to the previous points. Thanks to the the information available, you can offer products that customers prefer.

RMA management

Your RMA team can access customer details as well as provide the best solutions via chat, phone, or other specific tools required.

Low service costs

Automation frees you from manual data transmission. This means fewer hours in repetitive tasks on the part of your teams, in addition to reducing the possibility of human error that often leads to a " failed " customer experience.


These are just some of the benefits of having a CRM for your e-commerce. As always, you need to correctly define the needs and objectives of your organization before setting up a CRM.


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