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What is Instagram Shopping?


What is Instagram Shopping?

What is Instagram Shopping?
What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping is an Instagram feature that allows e-commerce brands to create a digital catalog to share their products directly on Instagram. So What is Instagram Shopping?

Users can get more information about your products directly on Instagram and buy with Checkout or finalize the transaction on your e-commerce site.

An Instagram store is a brand's customizable digital showcase that allows customers to shop directly on their Instagram profile.

Basic vocabulary:

  • The detail pages of the product show the key information of the product; description, price, and image. It will also display the tagged images of the product on Instagram.
  • The collections are a way to present products in a selected group.
  • Use purchase tags to tag products from your catalog in your stories or Instagram posts, so your audience can click to get more information or buy.
  • With Checkout (currently only available in some countries), customers can buy products directly on Instagram without leaving the application. For brands that don't have the feature, customers will be directed to a checkout page on the brand's e-commerce site.
  • The discovery tab provides a discovery tool for non-followers.

How to configure Instagram Shopping?

  1. You must have a business or creator account.
  2. Connect to your Facebook page.
  3. Upload your catalog: You can manually upload products to Facebook Business Manager or integrate a pre-existing product database from an e-commerce platform.
  4. Submit your account to review.
  5. Activate purchases on Instagram. Once you have passed the account review process, you can now connect your product catalog with your Instagram Store:

  • · Set up your Instagram profile.
  • · Press business and then buy.
  • · Select the catalog of products that you would like to connect with.
  • · Clever.

How can you display your products?

1. Publications

Shoppable Instagram posts include a shopping bag icon in the lower-left corner. All the products that your account has tagged will appear on your profile in the purchases tab:

  • Upload a photo or video as if it were a normal post.
  • Label the products, then tap the photo or video where you want the label to appear.
  • Find and select the products you want to tag.
  • Press done and share.

2. Stories

Upload or create your content for your story, then hit the tag icon in the upper right corner. Find the product label and choose the product you want to label.

3. Shopping Ads on Instagram

  • Edit a shoppable post or create an ad from scratch in Ads Manager, using Instagram tags.
  • Ads with product tags can be directed to your e-commerce site or open the Instagram Checkout (as discussed above, it is only in some countries).

4. Create Instagram Live Shopping Stream

Instagram Live Shopping allows brands to sell products during an Instagram Live broadcast.

5. Instagram shopping guides

Instagram guides are like mini-blogs found on the platform. For users with an Instagram store, it can be a way to promote products, for example, gift guides or trend reports.


More than 130 million users click on a shopping post on Instagram. In addition, 70% of buyers turn to Instagram to discover new products. Taking this data into account, you should include Instagram Shopping in your sales strategy. You can also show your products through image or video posts, stories, advertisements, live streaming, and buying guides.


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