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What is Instagram Remix | How to create a Remix


What is Instagram Remix | How to create a Remix

What is Instagram Remix?

 What is Instagram Remix?

Instagram has launched Remix for Reels, which allows users to interact effectively with other clips, creating new versions and adding new angles to the original version, it is similar to the "Duets" of TikTok, a new way to drive content trends.

The remix is ​​enabled for all public accounts by default. The remix will not be automatically enabled on preloaded Reels that were released before Remix was released. You can enable remixing on a Reels as follows:

  • ·         Tapping the three-dot menu.
  • ·         Tap "Enable Remix."

If you're trying to remix someone else's Reels and can't, they may have created it before Remix was released and need to enable remix. Contact them and encourage them to tap on the three-dot menu and “Activate Remix” on the Reels that you would like to mix.

How to create a Remix?

  1. Find a Reel.
  2. Touch the menu of three dots on a reel and select "Mix this reel." If you do not get the option, it is because it has not been enabled to remix.
  3. The screen will be divided into the original Reel and the new one. Start recording your Remix! the recording will be side by side with the original reel.
  4. Once recorded, you can control the volume of the original audio, your recorded audio, and add the voiceover. To edit the volume controls, tap the slider icon at the top, to add a voiceover, tap the microphone icon at the top.
  5. Edit and publish your remixed Reel.


If you want to be remixed tell the users in your Reel, including a call to action in your caption as in the video text like Act with me. If someone remixes your content, you will receive a notification.


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