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What budget to plan to learn to program?


What budget to plan to learn to program?

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A dream office to learn to program, right? What budget to plan to learn to program? Programming, Coding,

To better choose your computer classes, you must know the prices of programming teachers to plan your budget as precisely as possible. Because improving your programming knowledge will not cost you the same depending on several criteria:

  • The teacher's experience and studies: it makes sense. A student teaching class will offer more affordable prices than a teacher who has more than 10 years of experience in a high school or university or who has worked for a large company that requires advanced programming knowledge for several years. Also, if the teacher has a higher degree, his fee will be higher, although a self-taught can also be competent and experienced. Titles give prestige!
  • The age and position of the teacher are obviously factors that influence the price. A young 20-year-old teacher, still a student, will earn less than a 45-year-old teacher who is the director of a computer center!
  • Your level: the higher your level in programming, the more experience and knowledge your teacher will have to have, so the classes will be more expensive.
  • Your goal:  If you want to change your profession and acquire programming skills to become a programmer or web developer, you may need intensive courses and learn for several months. Thus, your budget will be higher than if you simply want to learn to master a few lines of code.
  • Class content: the law of supply and demand! If you want to learn to program with Python, the classes will obviously be more affordable since it is the most popular computer program. The same goes for Java programming.
  • Your geographical location: classes in big cities are more expensive, especially in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​while they are cheaper in small cities and towns.
  • The contact sessions are usually more expensive than classes webcam because in the first case the teacher can add a plus for travel expenses.

At Saeed Developer Academy, our programming teachers offer average prices of about $15 per hourFeel free to check out the full article on programming teacher pricing for more information.

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