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What are the programming classes?


What are the programming classes?

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Do you want to learn to program? Hire a private teacher! So What are the programming classes?, programming, Coding,

Classes on algorithms, computer codes, and programming have nothing to do with traditional math, English, or physics, and chemistry classes. Practice will occupy a more important place than theory in programming classes.

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During the first class, you will explain your objectives and your level to your teacher, who will develop a program according to your needs: learn Python or JavaScript, learn the basics of programming methods ...

It is difficult to say how your classes will develop with the teacher you have chosen because they can vary a lot depending on the content! But if there is something common in the methodologies of teachers available on our platform, it is the great place that practice occupies.

You will probably see a bit of theory to learn the semantics of web programming and the names of the different programming systems. However, you will quickly move on to  doing exercises or your project. To become an expert in programming, there are no thousand solutions: you have to practice.

Making mistakes, detecting them and learning to correct them are the basic skills that a good programmer must develop to master the different languages ​​(Python programming, Java programming, WordPress web pages ...). If you don't have a personal project, the teacher will suggest exercises that allow you to practice on a fictional project. It can also ask you to locate and correct a mistake on a page.

At the end of the classes, it is possible that the teacher will send you some "homework" that you will have to do for the next class, in which case the first minutes of the next class will be dedicated to correcting the exercisesTake advantage of the last minutes of class to ask all the questions you want to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them.

The teacher can also provide you with material and instructions to easily reproduce what you have seen in class.

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