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What are Instagram Live Rooms | How to create a Live Room


What are Instagram Live Rooms | How to create a Live Room | How can you use Live Room in your business?

What are Instagram Live Rooms | How to create a Live Room
What are Instagram Live Rooms | How to create a Live Room

Instagram Live Rooms, a new way to broadcast live on Instagram with up to 3 guests talking at the same time. Brands can reach new audiences, drive sales, and engage with their community in real-time. What you will learn in this article? What are Instagram Live Rooms?, How to create a Live Room?, How can you use Live Room in your business?

Some observers suggest that the new Instagram feature is the effort to keep up with the new audio-only social media platform, as the Clubhouse we talked about a few weeks ago.

Instagram comments that the new feature is a way to duplicate live broadcasts that will lead to more creativity in the app like talk shows, jam sessions, etc.

Although there are some security measures for this new function, in which there are users who will not be able to join a Live Rooms due to:

  • Users blocked by a participant.
  • Users whose access has been revoked due to violations of community guidelines.
  • Hosts will have the ability to block and apply comment filters.

How to create an Instagram Live Room?

Although not yet available on all accounts, Live rooms will be available globally to all users. We show you how to create a Live Room:

  • Open the Instagram stories camera and slide to the "Live" mode icon.
  • Add a title for your Instagram Live Room. Click the left-aligned icon on the left side of the screen. The title allows users to know the theme of your Live Room.
  • Tap the "Live" icon to start your broadcast. Give users time to join the broadcast, spend the first few minutes chatting and greeting everyone.
  • To add guests, tap the "Video" icon. Here you can send requests for guests to join. You can add all your guests simultaneously or you can do it one by one to create a surprise effect.

How can you use Instagram Live Room in your business?

Live Room creates new opportunities for collaboration and creativity. Here are 6 ideas on how to get the most out of it:

1. Product show

Visual content, especially video , is key to promoting and selling your products. The 84% of people are convinced to buy a product or service to see a video of a brand.

Live Room is just a way to show how your products or services work. For example, doing a tutorial led by members of your team.

With Instagram's live shopping feature, users can purchase featured products during a broadcast, a simplified way for brands to make in-app sales.

2. Chats and questions and answers panel

Live Room is perfect for webinars or questions and answers. You can have recurring monthly chats with new guests or have discussions around various topics. Take advantage of the micro-influencers in your sector to hold talks on specific topics.

3. Live performances

If your business is related to the arts, you can perform a concert or a short play from your home. Viewers around the world can tune in, which can increase engagement and reach, creating an intimate, yet virtual, atmosphere.

4. Audience feedback sessions

Live Room gives you the opportunity to listen to your community: What do they like about your products? What kind of content do they want you to create?

You can invite 3 clients who frequently share your content to join your Live Room, showing that you value the opinions of your community. It is a good opportunity to obtain information about your community and your weak points, increasing loyalty to your brand.

5. Interactive classes

Classes in art, baking, jewelry making, food and drink tasting, yoga, fitness, etc. You can invite up to 4 different hosts leading a part of a class, each with their own area of ​​expertise.

For creators, Live Rooms with interactive classes offer the opportunity to earn money. Last year, Instagram released Instagram Live badges, which allow users to purchase a badge and tip creators during a broadcast. Live Rooms will work similarly, viewers will have the ability to purchase a hosted badge. In this way, creators can stream interactive classes, and earn money.

6. Giveaways or interactive quizzes

If you usually run giveaways on Instagram, you can collaborate with other brands or creators to create a Live Room where 2-3 customers have to answer questions for a chance to win prizes.


Live Rooms gives businesses the opportunity to reach more audiences and connect with them, whether by conducting a product demonstration, organizing a discussion, holding a master class or collaborating with similar brands to create a fun giveaway.


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