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Top 10 most used programming languages ​​on the market


 Top 10 most used programming languages ​​on the market


Top 10 most used programming languages ​​on the market
Top 10 most used programming languages ​​on the market
Although there is a wide variety of programming languages, some may be more suitable for certain businesses or companies. Care is needed, as you can become a master in a specific language, but if it is not in high demand in the job market, it means that you may have difficulty finding a job in the field. Top 10 most used programming languages ​​on the market

Therefore, if you are looking for alternatives to be able to adapt to the needs of the job market, check out this article 10 of the most widely used programming languages ​​today. That way, you'll be able to choose some to learn and be able to secure a good position - and a good salary!

1.   JavaScript

JavaScript is an interpreted programming language. It was originally implemented as part of web browsers so that scripts could be executed on the client-side and interact with the user without the need for this script to pass through the server, controlling the browser, performing asynchronous communication and changing the content of the displayed document.

JavaScript is still widely used in web applications and has gained ground in the desktop/mobile, being quite used to create interactivity. Despite being an older language compared to most of the ones that will be listed here, JavaScript is very much in demand and part of this success is due to its simplicity.

2.   Python

Considered the easiest language to learn, Python remains one of the most popular on the market, even though it was launched almost 30 years ago (in 1989). It is one of the easiest to read codes and is widely used for web development and machine learning.

3.   Java

The most requested programming language by far is Java. At the top of most indexes specialized in measuring popularity, Java is characterized by being portable, that is, it is possible to compile a program in Java in an easy way for all types of devices. It is also worth remembering that Java is the most used language for creating Android applications.

Another positive point of Java is its scalability, that is, the ability to adapt your program as it grows in a number of uses, in addition to its backward compatibility, since code made in an old version, continues to be recognized by current versions.

4.   Ç#

Another variation of the C language that is quite popular in the market. However, it is falling out of use in relation to previous years. Like C ++, it is more complex to learn than other languages ​​like Python and JavaScript. On the other hand, it is still a highly requested language in the game development area, becoming essential for anyone planning to enter this market.

5.   PHP

Mostly used in web applications, the PHP language is useful for adding functions to a page that HTML is not capable of supporting. The language is also used to integrate information from your page and MySQL database, for example. Sites like Yahoo and the web version of Facebook are maintained in PHP.

6.   C ++

One of the main reasons why C is one of the most popular languages ​​is also due to the popularity of its variants. C ++ is a more current version of C - although it is also quite old - and is widely used in the development of heavier software, such as integrated systems (CRM), applications that promote interaction between client and server or computer games, among others. .

7.   TypeScript

Created by Microsoft, TypeScript is proving to be a common choice among ASP.NET developers. It is not, in fact, a completely new language, but a superset (or superset) of JavaScript.

With TypeScript we have resources that better support the use of Object-Oriented Programming, which is based on four fundamental principles: encapsulation, inheritance, abstraction and polymorphism, which we will see in more detail below. OOP has always been a problem when applied in JavaScript, due to its syntax not allowing to write classes, for example, in such a clear way, besides the weak data typing. TypeScript then offers a way to correct or work around these problems, adding features that when compiled will result in JavaScript code again. However, now the developer will deal directly with a simplified syntax, clearer and widely supported by modern code editors.

8.   Ç

Perhaps the best known among programming languages ​​- mainly for its C ++ and C # variants -, the C language is also one of the oldest ever released. Its main advantage is also in the ease of porting a program to another type of device. It is also worth noting that the C language, from an early age, was adopted by giants such as Microsoft and Linux, among others.

Although old, learning C brings good advantages to the developer since it works in almost every type of system and does not demand much from the machines. Because of this low-performance requirement, the C language is widely used to create software for small devices and devices that rely on the Internet of Things (IoT).

9.   Ruby

If you are looking for work at a startup, Ruby is the perfect language to get a job in the field. Used in the construction of world-renowned services such as Airbnb and Twitter, the Ruby language is characterized by its easy-to-read syntax, allowing a developer to write less code to make their applications work.

Through the framework Ruby on Rails web, the language allows you to launch web applications in a much higher rate than in other languages. The downside of Ruby is that it is a difficult language to scale, that is, complicated to maintain as your application grows in a number of users, as it uses a lot of processing to compensate for errors in the code.

10.                    Go

Go is a programming language created by Google and released in free code in November 2009. It is a language compiled and focused on productivity and concurrent programming, based on work done on the operating system called Inferno. The initial design of the language was done in September 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson. Currently, there are implementations for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD.

Although the language has already passed 10 years old, it has only been heard for a while now, especially with its use being adopted by commonly used software such as Docker and Kubernetes, developed in the language.

The structure of the Go language is very reminiscent of C, but its learning curve is simpler. Go was a language created to make the most of computers with multi-core resources, thus facilitating the compilation of code efficiently and naturally cooperative with the abstractions of current operating systems.

Which of the most requested programming languages ​​on the market do you want to learn?

Now that you know some of the most popular language options requested by the market, Top 10 most used programming languages ​​on the market, Programming Languages, Computer coding, Coding,  which one do you think will grow in the coming years and think it is a sure bet to increase your employability? In which area do you intend to develop your skills? Comment with us below! 


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